One Little Victory : Reflecting on Triumphs amidst adversity

Hello everyone,

I’m sure some of you are in shock that I’ve actually been consistent. I find it necessary to keep on going and sharing my experiences. no matter how mundane or subpar they maybe to some. But I hope that some of you can relate to these, or that the inspire you to make a positive change.

As we know this past week, we experienced an earthquake and an eclipse on the East Coast. I’m sure many are scrambling around, thinking that this has to be some big coincidence and things are going to start getting worse. That’s just the fear that I warned you about last week. Just ask yourself, don’t you think we’ve been through the worst already? I sure think so. Not only did the events of the past four years and many lives, But they have changed pretty much everyone who has survived. I watch people that once had strong bonds being torn apart by their conflicting views. Which isn’t anything new, Think of how many families don’t speak over politics. And like I’ve always said before, Doing that is giving them what they want. It’s the age old war tactic : divide & conquer.

I must admit that I didn’t get a good look at the eclipse this time. I did get those glasses, but with some of the eye problems I have I didn’t think it was a good idea to trust a flimsy pair 3D looking cardboard stock glasses that I picked up at the gas station for three dollars. But I did take my time that day to try to focus on the changes I’d like to make, and reflect. I didn’t see much around 2 PM and I was told that it peaked about an hour later. By the time I was in and out of sleep, so whatever affects it may have had were even Grater on me due to the fact that my brain was receiving theta waves(I do suggest looking that up, it can be very useful. Right before sleep and Every so often when I’m drifting off a lyric or a song with I think I can use comes to mind. I will include info on how Theta Waves can help you manifest the life you want below)

This next piece of the post is something I originally Posted on Facebook. I figured many people would be put off or too lazy to read something that long. I know in most cases I would be. So I decided to share with everybody here, this “one little victory.” Actually, for me, it’s much more than that. It may have been because of the frame of mind that was in that day, or the impact of what this person said to me, it’s more valuable than any award that I may get in the industry, including a gold record, or a grammy. But no matter how big or small victory may be, I have learned to celebrate them. Even if it’s with a small victory by getting myself a treat, which I know doesn’t make sense, I’ll reward myself by eating something that is pushing me towards getting fat yes, a little harsh but still, it is what it is.

And yes, I chose this name “One little Victory” Because it was the name of the song by none, other than the legendary progressive rock band Rush. I discovered that this song is in fact about celebrating small victories in life, and how they can lead to even bigger victories down the road. If you for some reason are not familiar with Rush(You’re forgiven), This message really has an impact when combined with the band’s upbeat, heavy hitting sound. To say it mildly.

So without any further delay here are the posts I was speaking of with my One Little Victory :

So this happened a few days ago on Twitter or X. I saw this, and his name stuck out in my head, because I immediately thought of a friend of mine who passed it was a big supporter of the band, Alex Von Nihil. He would sing along to our music when we were performing, some thing I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do before, or since.
Most people that have had a band around as long as I have thrown around these things like “we’ve enjoyed All the success that we’ve had over the years”. Enjoyed is one of the last words I would use to describe this. From busting my ass to get things done and orderly way, dealing with all sorts of selfish, ungrateful, greedy and ignorant people ranging from potential & permanent bandmates, promoters, and various other industry (or wannabe) types who just want to cut you down, moments like these are rare. Myself and these people really butt heads because of my greatest talent : smelling bullshit a mile away. I even called the management of a very well-known band That has really had an impact on our sound(not too hard to figure out who, but I can’t name names publicly, I still have standards) when they lied to me and told me that their clients and family members of one who passed were not happy with me trying to do a tribute show for him. The rich greedy asshole assumed I was so nobody that was going off half cocked, and I found out firsthand that he was completely full of shit.

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So, when I see things like this, it makes me realize that I haven’t completely wasted decades of my life, performing and handling all of the business for the band. So I invite you to join me in celebration of this one little victory.

Thank You all for reading, and to Alex : Thank You my friend, your legacy lives on.

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Please read about the career of DJ Alex Von Nihil in this Exclusive Interview Post

Until Next, Be Well everyone

Nate, xoxo

Here is the song itself, Enjoy :

You can find out More about Rush and their legacy here in my Tribute to Drummer Neil Peart

And as promised, more on Theta Waves

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