The Heat of the Moment

Hello All,

I know last week’s post somewhat contradicts what I’ve said before about listening to what others have to say. Because good or bad it does taint your actions. If anything It was my way of showing those of you who are reading this that encouraging words (to put it mildly because this person used to the term “best ever” to describe some of my work) can be motivation beyond any official accolades or on the other hand negative words from others.

Now that I’ve gotten back into the swing of things, I’m starting to realize again it’s not so easy to maintain these posts. Especially since I’m writing on two platforms now, which most of you were probably reading from the band’s website. I had to go back into last week’s post several times. The videos We’re not in embedded properly so that you could just see them on this page. Same went for a few of the links I put up. So for those of you who were among those who looked at it soon after I posted it, I apologize fue ThT hiccup. It was pretty frustrating. I had found this out after I had posted it. And I overlooked a few more errors, Which have been corrected.

Not to completely bore you with technical stuff on how these posts come to light but, I found myself being really frustrated going back-and-forth, thinking that I corrected some mistakes only for them to not be working. I did realize I was over reacting and I’m glad nobody was watching me having a fit over this (whether you’re willing to admit it or not, I’m sure I’m not the only one from my generation that grew up, playing video games and using computers that has yelled at inanimate objects) because I know that I was overreacting in the moment. But it’s through this that I got inspired to write this week’s post.

First off, with this great we had earlier in the week locally this title almost takes on a whole new meaning. But that would be a literal sense of the term. And more along the lines of seizing the moment. Of course the message I’m trying to get across is about stepping back and not letting your emotions at the time get the best of you. Which often leads to us saying or doing things we will regret later on. In the past, this has led me to being on the receiving side of a fist and in some instance being on the sender of course. I remember somebody, apologizing on another person’s behalf, using these exact words.

I’m sure you read the title of this post by now, but the phrase I am referring to is also, the title of the hit song by the 80’s Super group Asia “the Heat of the Moment”. Just today I was watching an old wrestling promo from the 80’s with David Von Erich, Who was quoting something His father taught him about not acting in the heat of the moment : “Don’t do on instinct. Think, comeback and do your business.” Of course, this was part of a storyline which involved a feud with another wrestler, but this is obviously something David’s Father Fritz Von Erich taught him about life in general. And yes, I have been looking at more of these storylines from years ago after watching the new film about the Von Erich Family : “the Iron Claw”. It’s actually the first movie in decades I’ve seen in the theater twice, and I’m glad I did(I planned on seeing a third time actually but never did). Watching on a TV or tablet, etc. doesn’t do the opening scene and a few others much justice. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean. Whether you’re a knowledgeable wrestling fan, casual fan or, not at all, I highly recommend this movie. Forgive me for going way off topic with discussing this movie(especially since at some point it maybe the topic of another post). But I emphasize seeing it because it’s inspiring in many ways. It’s makes you want to be a wrestler, and or closer to your Family. I think every good movie should encapsulate you like that right?

There are times, of course, when it’s good to live in the moment or to capture it. My inability to do so in the past has made me regret, not saying or doing certain things that would’ve been the best course of action for me at the time. But I’ve also learned, “when, in doubt pull out”. I strongly believe that the answers will come. So it’s best to utilize that free space to focus on that and help perpetuated by thinking about the right way to move forward. This is in one way or another how the term “sleep on it” came to fruition. When you step back, not letting your emotions get the best of you that’s when the solutions come to light. And that includes going back and fixing mistakes from stuff I’ve already written, this time I’ll try and do that before publishing it.

The song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia Was written with the intention of giving an apology and an explanation for actions that had hurt another person. This theme was not popularized in rock music until later in the decade(think of all those songs by hair bands at the time, especially the ballads). I must admit that the actual musical content of this song is what has drawn me to it. Though the lyrics are mindful and intense(especially since the entire band sing the chorus, hence the term) but they are close second to the musical prowess this song Possesses. How could it not be so potent? With the members of this group coming from other successful bands, to form another “Super group” for this new decade(If you’re unaware of when this song came out, all you need to do is listen to it once). With Steve Howe & Geoff Downes of Yes, Carl Palmer of Emerson,Lake & Palmer, and John Wetton of King Crimson & Uriah Heep This group was destined to top the charts, and they did. Some of you may also remember it from the movie “the 40 year old Virgin”, but it has probably been in other movies and TV shows as well. Overall the sound of Asia was dynamic, progressive for the time,and timeless. And yes as always, I will leave you with an example of their work right hear for you to listen to.

I think this is as good as any time to stop for now. Thank you all for reading and enjoy the music. Until next time, be well.

Nate, xoxo

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