Land of Confusion


Hello all, I wanted to start by saying that I know my last entry may have been a bit preachy . I know everybody has the right to believe what they choose to believe. But as you all know, this is coming from my perspective hence the name of the blog. I decided I want to write something about World Kindness Day, which was yesterday by the way. I was considering writing about a story that happened over the summer that I’ve been putting on the back burner so to speak. So, I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing yet again.

Earlier today, one of the lines from the song by Genesis I chose to name this entry after stuck out to me. As it correlates to National Kindness Day. “There’s not much love to go around”, which I actually disagree with but I’ll get to that soon enough. It seems like much hasn’t changed in the roughly 35 years since that song debuted. It’s just different people are running things, although the current world leaders have a lot of the same faults. I’m not going to name names, but if you know anything about the song or saw the video I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out. And anyone living in this day and age can agree that to some extent that this is still the Land of Confusion . I have to admit that the video may have turned me off to the overall quality of the song itself. Those puppets that they used to portray Genesis : Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Phil Collins, and the other people Ronald Reagan, his wife Nancy Reagan some other world leaders and celebrities just really creep me out. Especially since I saw it at such a young age. I have a bit more of a tolerance for that kind of stuff, but even parts of it still seem really funky till this day (pay attention to the part with Prince and you’ll see what I mean. And as always (no matter how grotesque I found it), I did include it here. Maybe that’s why I’m a bit glad that the band Disturbed decided to do their own version along their own animated video for it. Even though the original video had received a Grammy award and ironically enough lost all six MTV Music Awards to their former front man Peter Gabriel, I think people can relate a bit more the newer version’s music video. It appeared to show a bit more of a public perspective over the world’s problems clear with a more positive resolve. It showed crowds of people in a violent rage in a post apocalyptic setting and eventually overturning what seems to be the one ultimate world leader. However, it’s obvious that the original songwriters are responsible for the message of the need for change with an uprising if necessary.

Unfortunately, I don’t see much chance of a huge uprising happening. The current world issues have caused many to follow suit, and turn on people who question what is going on. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the term “Divide and Conquer “. Furthermore, most of the upheaval is being hidden from the Masses. Although, I think I am being very vague I’m sure a decent amount of people will assume I am speaking about a particular topic without any evidence and dismiss this. Well, I do thank everyone for making the effort to read this. But it’s your choice to disagree and believe what you want to believed. If you are opposed and want to stop reading, that’s ok. Still here? Ok great, I did mention that I do disagree what part of what this song is stating about the world. I don’t think there is a lack of love. Yes, I recognize the preceding lyrics ”there are too many people causing too many problems “ (myself included at times, if you know me I’m sure you’ll agree lol) . However, sometimes problems are rooted in the need to liberate oneself or many from being walked on. If you comply, no problem. If you don’t, the aggressor sees a problem and elevates their level of aggression in an attempt to maintain control. Problem, well for them anyway because it would be much easier if people went along with whatever they are told to do.

Did you notice what happened there? All the focus went on the problem, hostility and issues. Instead of the point I was trying to make about a lack of love. On some level I think I proved just that. There is plenty of love to go around if we’re focused on it. Focusing on something we can’t see is very hard for most of us. We can see acts of love and feel it. But in our everyday routines of trying to survive, are we thinking about love? And I don’t mean just love for another soul, I mean acting out of love, love for one’s profession and most importantly, self love. After all, it all starts with you. You can’t demonstrate something to another person unless you are aware of it first. Those who teach a topic have to learn as much about it first. In this case, the topic is yourself. But with love you can’t give what you don’t have and in order to give love, you have to learn to love yourself first. It doesn’t mean that you should ignore your faults, actually self love allows you to recognize those faults and working on improving. I know this seems very involved and takes lots of time and focus and you’re absolutely right. Because it does. But how can we take time to do that when we are rushing off to work (even if we love what we do) and with all the distractions placed on us with media, social media and all the other things we have included in our routines? Fortunately, a few pieces of media do remind of this. One of which is the song I have been talking to you about this whole time. I’m sure you have read a few books that have made you aware of the lengths that those I control of society will go to control people completely. George Orwell’s 1984&Adolph Huxley’s “a Brave New World” come to mind. Years ago, a bandmate of mine and myself even wrote a song about part of Orwell’s book. Just an example of how media can work to inspire and keep people from being I complete control. These are works of fiction, but such things have happened before in History. The Greek Philosopher Socrates was executed for what they said was corrupting the youth. When in essence, he was trying to get them to think for themselves. These days, that’s not an easy feat, I know I’ve tried and people’s need to live in fear caused them to dismiss me. And I’m putting that mildly. I know I’m such a jerk right? Hitler burned books because he didn’t want anything that went against his ideals to be learned by those he dictated over. Things like that happen today to an extent. Look at the censorship on social media and how doctors opposing what the government is trying to force on the population have their works removed from site and worse.

None of these things are done out of love. I reminded of St. Paul and his interpretation of Love. He made many points but some that stick out are : “Love does not seek its own interests”, “Love does not brood over injuries” and of course, “Love is kind.” Think about what has been going on in these recent years. Are these things done out of love? No way! They are done to get people to do, think, and feel the way those running things think we should and many are letting them. But fear not, if you focus on love and I mean really focus, shy away from distractions and remind yourself of what makes you happy you will have nothing to worry about. Because after all ,”Love rejoices with the truth” and of course, Love never fails.”

Thank you all for reading once again. Much Love to each and everyone of you,

Nate, xoxo

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