The Veil is thinning

Hello all, I must admit this Samhain season has been a bit slow. But still interesting. Most people have their own rituals around this time of year. From the costumes and pumpkin carving, to a trip out of town to a place frequent around Halloween such as Salem or Sleepy Hollow. I however chose to withdraw from one of my long standing traditions, performing live. I just felt it was not the right time and “sitting this one out” wouldn’t be so bad. I am a firm believer in do it right or not at all. Still with everything going on I have plenty to reflect on and work towards in the coming months but more on that by later.

There is one tradition that I am definitely not going to withdraw from,and that the very root of this celebration(no,not Trick or Treating) honoring those who passed on. As I am writing this, I am watching the sky darken and in between tonight and tomorrow. night, it is said that the veil between the world living and world of the dead is thinner. I have adopted the ritual of putting a candle in front of my window to light their way back home. I know that we honor our loved ones who have died everyday, but now they are closer and it’s the perfect time to let them know how much they mean to you and ask for any guidance you may need. If you focus hard enough, you can feel their presence as you do so.

I know most of you are probably aware of all these things, but our day to day struggles make us forget so many things that are possible. For most we only look to those watching over us when we’ve hit rock bottom or when we need a reminder to not give up. Of course we always remember them on their birthdays and anniversaries, but just those who passed on are watching over you whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. It’s almost choosing not to believe something. Just because it conflicts with our personal opinions doesn’t mean it’s untrue. You could decide to not believe in gravity, but if you whether or not you believe in that it exists isn’t going to prevent you from falling if walk off a cliff. What do you think the laws of gravity only apply to those who believe it? I know this seems like a comparison of spiritual beliefs and scientific facts. But we all know these days, even science is being skewed by opinion. This is more like something working when we’re not aware of it. And there’s plenty examples of that happening right now (think of how many people we also be lighting candles tonight).

No matter what you believe, it’s always much more fulfilling to believe in the possibilities of what could be than thinking something couldn’t happen in a million years. Think of children for example, think of how happy they are believing they can be whatever they dream of being. And it’s not because they are too immature to be in touch with reality or their minds are not developed. Their minds haven’t been conditioned to have doubts and other complex emotions that weigh on us all as we “develop”. In this case it’s a neutral phrase. Are we developing as to progress and learn? or are we developing limiting beliefs that prevent us from having experiences we crave? Luckily we can unlearn these limiting beliefs if we so choose to to do so. Fortunately our subconscious mind is like a child and will believe whatever you tell it to. Try giving yourself positive affirmations on daily basis and you’ll notice a change. And the best part is, it works whether you’re aware of it or not. Sound familiar? If you want to learn more about this I recommend reading The Power of Your subconscious mind by Joseph Murray.

Well I hope that whatever ritual(s) you decide to do to celebrate for Halloween I hope you enjoy it and stay safe. In closing I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs to play live by the Misfits and video with another of my traditions that includes a recipe with me showing how to make it. And last but not least a video tour of one of the most famous sites in Sleepy Hollow where the headless horseman rode. Led by none other than my friend The Queen of Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone,

Nate xoxo

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