Wasted Time

Hello everyone. After last week I don’t think there’s any way I could top that, so I’m not going to try. But I’m also not going to allow the the shift in my schedule or the fact that this it’s a holiday weekend to put things to a screeching halt. For many this is the time of Lent in which people are supposed to give up something they enjoy for a short of time. With everything that’s going on in the world right now most people, regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof are already giving something up they enjoy. And not just one thing, in most cases several things. For many it’s almost as if our lives our assembly being put on hold until further notice.

Anyone who read my last entry, knows that I decided to not let my life be on hold and took a trip out of the country. I think the airlines and the place I was staying did a very good job of keeping everybody safe. Despite not requiring a vaccination (as if they have the right to demand that, and they’ll succeed if we let them) and fortunately I was able to return back home healthy. This is all I’ll speak about it, because everybody has their conflicting opinions on it and for some reason the pandemic has turned into a political debate. All I know is that we’re all in this together and we shouldn’t be allowing our opinions to divide us. But I do think we’re failing miserably at that.

Some pics I took on the plane ride back home. I always like going through the clouds, they are like a world in itself. And the sky always reminds me of infinite possibilities.

So for those of you who are still reading and not cursing my name saying that I’m being selfish or disrespectful, allow me to share the general purpose of what I’m trying to say here. And I don’t just mean right now, this many times that we simply think that we have so much time to do the things that we would like to do that we put them for later and just waste time. I recall early on when I was trying to get the band together that I made the mistake of trying to gather up a bunch of my pothead friends to get on a regimented schedule to rehearse. What happened was they got angry with me because they found that their time was better spent sitting around taking bong hits. Not that I’m totally opposed to that, but nobody sees how that kind of just creeps up on you and robs you of any ambition. And I’ve also seen people who never touch the stuff making excuse after excuse as to why they can’t buckle down and do something that could potentially make it so that they can sustain in income without having to rely on working for somebody else and spend most of their time creating and doing the things they enjoy. Either way, I’ll always remember how those who are so ingrained in wasting their time would ridicule or insult me to divert attention off of there lack of ambition and or ability to make it seem like I was the problem. And yes, I do realize the evening thinking about that is wasted time. what I say before? Well sitting around and relaxing, you do have a lot of time to reflect and prioritize the things you find important. I’m very grateful for that time where I could just sit, concentrate and actually visualize myself accomplishing what I set forth to achieve. We can’t put our lives on hold indefinitely. We just need to take precautions & be aware of what is REALLY going on.

Even with the right intentions I feel like I’ve wasted plenty of time. I could have learn to avoid distractions, spent as much time writing music as possible and finding ways to gain income so I wouldn’t have the need to work outside of my preferred industry. However, I have been forced to work a job outside of my preferred industry, due to the choices I made in life. I am grateful to have financial stability, but anytime I have any free time away from my “day job” I try try to make full use of it by doing things like this, writing music and staying in touch with contacts, and promoting. It often makes me Envy the guys who can just show up when they’re told to show up and play. But also reminds me that those people have no right to complain either. It’s pretty sad and comical that some people who want to succeed can’t do a simple thing like sharing a link, as if it’s some great ordeal that they’re going to spend years of therapy on (I assure you that if I ever do stand up this topic will be worked into my act). And you don’t even know what I was thinking of doing in retaliation for people who have wasted my time. But let’s just say, those people have been dubbed the “Wankers”. My neighbors must think I’m completely insane, as all this is reminding me of people that are stuck in that loser mentality and I’m trying to do the best to convey my message. Which is forcing me to speak out loud, mock the voice of the Disney character “Goofy” and other nonsensical outburst just to embrace this fully to be able to give my best writing to my readers. You’re Welcome btw LOL. It just seems like without even knowing, we waste plenty of time and sadly without even realizing it. For example, if you play an instrument you will probably practice more if you just prop it up on a stand instead of packing it away in its case everytime you’re done. Try it, It will work.

The song “Wasted Time”, the version I’m thinking of anyway. is from the hair metal band Skid Row. This song was overshadowed by some of their other hits like : “18 and Life”, “I remember you”, and Youth Gone Wild. Even their song “Piece of Me” may have had a bit more popularity than this one, since I remember they even made a shirt with that song title written on the back. Like most songs from that time period, this many is about feelings towards a love interest. And what can be more relatable then contemplating whether a particular relationship you are in or had is a waste of time. as we all know when it comes to things like this, logic rarely wins over emotions. We often overlook some of the red flags, no matter how blatantly obvious they are only because of what we would like our reality to be only to have the truth revealed in time. Well, this isn’t something that most of us don’t already know. Even though the height of this style of music made by Skid Row and other Bands of this time like Poison,Motley Crue,Bon Jovi,Ratt,etc are long gone, the impact remains. However, most of these bands instill tour! If you were around for this you would know that it had it all. A big sound with talented musicians that had a very appealing image and attracted even more appealing fans. The songs could consist of upbeat Rock anthems with guitar solos or love ballads. But even those who weren’t able to experience it at the time while it was happening, can relate to lots of the themes in the songs. And with the way things are going in the world and music, songs like these are even more important now. Since it seems like there is a lack of up-and-coming new artists. You can go look for yourself, most of the festivals that were held in the past few years had bands that at the very least got onto the scene 10 years ago.

I really do hope with the warm weather that we get some positive changes. It’s been very easy just slip into the mindset of doubt, complacency and unfortunately,drug abuse, depression and suicide have been on the rise since the outbreak of the pandemic. We’ve learned it’s too easy to just sit at home, watch Netflix and overeat. If you or someone you know is Suicidal please contact : the Suicide Prevention Lifeline or for depression and mental health NAMI Helpline I won’t get into some crackpot conspiracy but there is a chance that this was one of the goals from the get-go in order to make it easier to control people. get everyone used to living this lethargic, sedentary lifestyle. After all familiarity breeds contempt. I’ve seen plenty of people just going along with what the news media tells them and not questioning it one bit. That in itself is our right to do so and nobody should question that right. I mean, this is a country that was founded on a rebellion. As the old saying goes, what we allowed to go on will continue.

On the other hand, this is an opportunity to gain self-awareness, self growth and obtain personal power. There are several programs for people to obtain an education. Online classes have been available for years, but classes have been strictly online for the past year. Even I took some college courses for the first time in over a decade! We are all viewing this right now as the worst time in history, simply because we are experiencing at and Have not lived through any of the other horrendous time to be alive. I’m sure nobody can imagine what going through this would be like without modern conveniences, but this has happened many times before throughout history. And there has been a general complacent attitude about accepting the fact that we cannot attend graduation ceremonies, weddings or even visit loved ones in hospitals simply because this “defines the times”. Life being on hold defines the times? that’s like saying it’s okay for somebody to put a kick me sign on my back every day and let somebody kick me in the ass on a daily basis because it’s happening, that defines the times. Truthfully that mentality makes me want to kick somebody somewhere else LOL. Remember, what you allowed to go on will continue.

Thank you once again for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and that this inspired you to keep moving forward!

Be Well,Nate xoxo

Here is the official music video for Wasted Time

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