Come Sail Away

Hello everyone, this is a very special entry for me because it is the first-ever that I have written outside of the United States.

I’m in Mexico right now on vacation. I’m sure some of you are wondering why I decided to stop relaxing and do something that may be considered part of my routine or work. And believe me, I have been relaxing. It’s been great being away from everything (especially Fakebook) using the phone primarily as a watch or a camera (when I didn’t leave it in the room). Anyway, I will tell you why. It’s because am not of that mindset. See if you enjoy doing something than it’s not work. I see this as an opportunity to write something for all of you to read for the first time ever while in another country. I would be more annoyed or regretful (even though thanks to some spirited advice I have been teaching to myself not to be) if I did not take this opportunity. I mean it’s not everyday that I can honestly say that I am writing while looking at this now :

Here’s a view from the room :

I did actually stop for a moment to walk right up to the Shoreline and take that picture. I just wanted to capture the moment as it was happening. Just to get a hint of the wave dissipating as it reached land, feeling all of the negative ions and that energy that pushed it right towards me. Unlike these waves most waves are not noticeable or even recognized for how intense they truly are. But even on days where it’s less windy than this (which is why I am not out there swimming because it’s not allowed), people always are aware of how intense waves from the ocean are. But even if we are unaware of it, they do play a great impact on both our physical and mental well-being another reason why I chose to write this, right here and right now. I mean, what could be a better time did you do something you enjoy when you were most relaxed most calm and at peace? We all know how important focus is and that we only use a small percentage of our brain’s capacity. So why not used it when it’s able to completely focus? Vacation alone actually forces you to be in the mindset of positivity and in good spirits. Now many people might be like : well duh! But what I mean is that while we are free of daily obligations and our everyday environment we are removed from all of the stress and reminders of that stress that we deal with on a daily basis. Yes we can relax at home, but we’re always reminded of what we need to do in order to keep and maintain that home. I actually experienced this on this trip. I unfortunately caught a bad case of sunburn and I felt weird grimacing in pain while sitting down to dinner. And what I “thought” would make it worse was I was at a Hibachi restaraunt of all places. Like hey, why not jump from the frying pan into the fire, literally. But the show the chef put on at the very start made me focus on enjoying myself and away from the pain I was in. And the few drinks I had didn’t hurt either. I even sat there thinking of how great a KISS Hibachi Restaurant would be. I mean, it does kinda fit their theme right? Mind over matter I suppose and even a sprout of creativity (thank me later Mr. Simmons). So I think even those that are truly able to focus away from all of that would benefit from taking a trip or as some people say a “holiday” away from their surroundings. And the people there helped too. They were very friendly and helpful. I even met a fellow fiend (Misfits fan) when I spotted him wearing one of their shirts and we got to talking. So as I stated before, I am taking this rare opportunity to manifest creating this post and several other things that are only possible when I am completely relaxed and attuned to the atmosphere around me. Along with knowing something that I have already learned (You maybe able to refer to this as Gnosis) all of the solutions did I am seeking can be found through my own thought process. That is amplified due to the relaxed mindset I am in right now as well as some of the meditation and energy work I have been utilizing here and at home. For example, during the last rehearsal with the band we started working on an arrangement for a song that I had written a long time ago. And in doing so, I felt it was necessary to make some changes. However, I felt that although it was a good start to a song it kinda clashes with some of the other songs I am writing and our previous work. So without warning, an idea just popped into my head and I’ll see if that works to make a blend of both (Much like the song I chose to name this entry after, but I’ll get to that). Also, I feel it has given me the clarity to think about about how I can more effectively communicate with others to get my point across in a reasonable and non confrontational way. Many people may think they can’t afford to get away like this, but I feel most can’t afford not to. The logistics will fall into place if you allow them. I suggest a vision board with a picture of your intended destination.

I was also able to visit the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, which in all fairness should have an entry completely dedicated to it. I learned that the Pyramid they created, El Castillo (“The Castle”) or the Pyramid of Kukulcán was actually used as a calendar. Much like Stonehenge in Europe. The sun actually directly shines right across Center of El Castillo two times a year during the Fall and Spring Equinoxes, which I missed by a few days (just my luck). One of the other structures that was there was the Mayan version of the Roman Colesium. As well as the places reserved for the rulers and Priests. This is actually the place where Basketball originated. Just being there made me visualize what It was like to be there when these places were built and in use. I even got to swim in a Cenote, a natural sinkhole filled with water that is roughly 100 feet deep. It is said the Mayans discarded the bodies that were sacrificed in these, but not this one thank God. It was just great to learn about how much this culture and its people (who still live today). They invented the number zero and influenced the math we use today. This Country is also abundant with one of my favorite stones Obsidian, which has many purpose but most know it for being for massaging. I even got the piece I bought blessed by a Mayan priest. So I highly recommended visiting these sites. I’m sure in the meantime the History Channel has plenty of shows about the Mayans.

One more than that you have to hear to believe at Chicen Itza

Despite what the title suggests, I did not travel by boat. I wanted to use a song that mentions the Ocean but more so inspirations,no limits and excitement. Anyone that knows “Come Sail Away” by Styx know this was the perfect choice. The ocean, much like the sky is a reminder of endless possibilities. Hence, the sky’s the limit. I always look for the story or meaning behind a song to share with in my posts. This song is so direct and clear, it was merely just checking to see if I was right. It is about following your dreams. It is also about menories and how life encompasses both good,bad and disappointing things but to never give up.

I enjoy the song as whole with lyrics I mentioned along with the powerful voice of Dennis Deyoung which adjusts to the tone of the song from melodic piano driven start to intense power ballad. It is definitely on my list of songs to learn, and it’s not very hard. It may even be included in with piano lessons built within most low end beginner, the keyboards. Made by Casio,Roland or Yamaha usually. A much better (and less painful) option of learning this song then try it out at some Karoake event lol. Come Sail Away is also important because it was Styx’s first big hit that catapulted them into playing shows headlining at stadiums. See what happens when you follow your dreams? Yes it is hard, but anything worth having won’t come easy. Not everyone sees it that way (especially these days) or will try to discourage you, maybe even find your ambition crazy or annoying. That’s just them projecting their own doubts and laziness. But I hope you would see through that haze of pot smoke or negativity (or both) and keep following your dreams. Anything is possible if you believe it is so. I thank you again for reading and I hope this inspired you to go on your journey.

Be Well, Nate xoxo
I thought visually this would be the best video for you to enjoy this song to

I also think this video was fitting too

Here’s the online piano lesson to get you started if you want to learn it

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