Nobody’s Home

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I’m just here yet again, hoping that I am going to maintain this level of consistency and confidence that the answers are going to simply come to me. How they come is none of my concern, but I know they will. We actually had our first band practice in oh, I’m too embarrassed to say how long. Not just because of the length of time, but also due to the fact that what has been going on in the world this past year has had an impact on my motivation. I’m speaking specifically about things that we can do( wow, I caught myself before I said permitted to do) by surrendering even the smallest piece of your mentality is a defeat as far as I’m concerned.

I somewhat hinted at my disdain towards the mindset that is plaguing our society now. Although several people are jumping on the bandwagon so to speak there are just as many other people that find it ridiculous and can see what it’s really about. Simply the lack of accountability that is considered the norm these days. Every week, meticulously for the most part only once a week there is some mainstay in entertainment that is now considered to be offensive. Was it offensive all along and people just didn’t want to say anything? Or are people just lacking accountability and seeking out things to be offended by? This is how I came to the title of this entry : Nobody’s Home. I’m not saying anybody lacks intelligence per se (Hello McFly), but it is a reference to focus of last week’s “cancel culture”( I think I almost vomited a little bit by I even thinking of that phrase) Dr. Seuss. I’ve always had this burnt idea that The Pink Floyd song “Nobody’s Home”(from their legendary album “the Wall”) goes along well with the ending of “The Cat in the Hat” where he’s cleaning up and getting ready to leave. I put both videos down below because Unfortunately the song is about a minute longer than the clip from the cartoon so they don’t line up, but you can compare yourself. And I should point out that the song is actually about another byproduct both what’s going on in the world today, loneliness. Now after hearing about what went on last week and the compliance the band these books I couldn’t help but point out that nobody questioned the validity of these claims. I know that there was one image in particular that seems racist. But I think that this was a cultural reference from hundreds of years ago. Nobody is claiming people dress or act that way now. And again, why all of a sudden? How old are these books and cartoons? Which leads me to this week’s topic, Pepe Le Pew. The cartoon that most people haven’t even paid any attention to past childhood. This is another product of what society lacks these days, accountability. I was aware since a child that these are drawings that should in no way be taken seriously. You should not be mimicking their actions at all. If we did half of us would have died by being blown up by dynamite or crushed by boulders catapulted off of cliffs (Meep! Meep!) What I got from this cartoon despite people claiming it promotes rape is that if you act like this, you’re going to get hit over the head with a bat. Which in who’s cases and I’ve heard of an actual real life rape, the rapist in question ended up getting violently attacked. Hey, I’ve even volunteered to be a part of the retaliations on behalf of the victim. Furthermore, I’ve even heard of males being mutilated for doing such things. Allegedly, there is evidence of at least one of these being on display when Justice for the particular rape victim was done decades ago. Extreme or maybe vulgar? Yes but you and most of society may not have paid attention if these measures are not taken. Not to mention these attacks were in place of the legal system letting these rapists walk. It still goes on today, and sadly enough made possible by people who were voted into office. But I’ve stated several times in the past I’m not going to talk about politics. The whole point I’m trying to make here is, looks like I was saying in my last entry if your unsure and not looking to personally come to conclusions to your own thought process, you’re susceptible to having them being provided for you. And usually from sources that have an agenda.

Sadly most people don’t recognize that they have the ability to consciously find the answers within. When were distracted by the news media, social media and all the other things going on in our lives it’s very difficult to sit and think long and hard about the best decisions for us. Again, that’s why we have so many distractions and so much stimulus these days and I barely scratched the surface on that by the way. We’re supposed to just believe whatever we’re told and anyone who isn’t complying is at the very least the Troublemaker if not a crazy conspiracy theorist. Why is it so hard to look at things from all angles? Why is it frowned upon? Why are people encouraged to shun others that disagree with them? And most of all, why are the rights owners of these forms of entertainment subduing to the pressure? Again , accountability if you don’t like it don’t watch it . Plain and simple . No one’s saying that these people have to like it but just because they don’t doesn’t mean it should be erased . I was just having a debate over my opposing views but my friend and I did this without childish insults or any hint that we were going to cut ties with one another. What was the point in that be? A bond between two friends should be much stronger than your opinions on current events. It should negate any good qualities a person has. They shouldn’t Define us, it’s starting to be the norm these days but not for me. I’m constantly reminded of how many people turn their backs on me when I dared to try to get them to think. But then again people have been executed for trying to do that (Socrates for example) So I guess my “punishment” if you will was far less severe. Anyway, enough about the two dimensional world. It is both already and responsibility to look objectively at what’s being put upon us and for what reason. I never but I would see the day when people would be peer pressured into doing the opposite. We have an even begun to realize how powerful our minds are. And a few simple minutes a day of calm meditative thinking will go a long way. Unless I’m mistaken, it even lowers fewer blood pressure. And simply put it’s never a good idea to dive into anything head first. And another phrase that we should all be familiar with is “What you allow to go on will continue”. Nobody seems to realize that everything that is presented to us was done in a calculated way in a particular moment in time. Think about it, do you really think that 30 years ago people would go along with getting a vaccine just so they can travel? Would people find ambigous cartoons to be offensive? Of course not.

I do suggest that all of you, if you haven’t already watched Pink Floyd’s The Wall, or revisit it if you have. Beyond the theme of the song Nobody’s Home it deals with plenty of things going on today. From isolation, imagination and creativity being ostracized and the consequences of allowing leadership to dictate your thinking. Obviously these were all the themes that the members of the band especially Roger Waters who wrote most of the music on this album had experienced. Luckily for him and us he overcame the abuse and brainwashing he was exposed to as a child and created this and many other great works . There is even the scene that does mirror the Nazi movement. And there’s a good chance that this film maybe next to be cancelled do to it(Remember the Rule : one cancellation a week so theres no competeing for attentio). Nobody was implying that they we’re agreeing with that ideology, which includes racism. Just like when a band such as Black Sabbath mentions the devil, this does not mean that they worship Him. I remember when I saw that particular part of the movie I had a horrifying vision of people I know personally being ostracized because they’re different. It really hit home with me and made me aware of how twisted that movement was. As disturbing as these things are, they must be recognized. After all : Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this, it’s greatly appreciated. And remember think and breathe 🙂

Nate xoxo

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