Finding My Way!

Hello all, as I stated in my last entry I’ve noticed how important consistency is. I have even started to perform some of the songs I mentioned in the past weeks on Facebook live, as well as on Twitter. I did notice that I received some feedback from some very unlikely places. And I do appreciate anyone who stops in and takes a listen, whether you leave a comment or not. I am also looking forward to continuing with my Web Series, even though I haven’t posted any videos in a few weeks. I’ve just mainly been checking out what some of the other content creators on YouTube have been doing and supporting their channels. After all, not only do I hope they reciprocate but I do you know that I can learn a great deal more from them as well as having a fun time chatting online with people. Especially since it’s about two very interesting topics, True Crime and Cobra Kai.

The title of this piece may imply that I have everything all figured out and there’s not much more for me to do than go out and do it, but nothing could be further from the truth. Part of the reason why I haven’t been doing any of the videos lately is I’ve been trying to find my Niche among content creators. And the first video that I created using a green screen was extremely hard to edit. Luckily I did receive some tips so hopefully the next video will be much easier to put together. But as we all know, the relief of having everything figured out is very liberating. As opposed to the feelings of uncertainty and not knowing how to handle a situation. And of course I’m not just speaking about content on YouTube, but things we have to deal with in general.

As you may have guessed I picked this title because it’s from a song by one of my favorite bands, Rush. I remember I used to blast this in my car on the way to a side job I was doing that was helping me fund promotions for my last album. I love how it sets the tone of momentum and accomplishing things. Even though it’s one of their best songs, the song was originally performed and recorded without the great Neil Peart on drums. Their original drummer and founding member, John Rutsey recorded on their debut album before being forced to leave the band due to serious health issues.

Still the song remains a classic and the vibe it is still just as strong. Like I said, that liberating feeling of certainty is great. It’s the only way that you can truly feel confident enough to give it your all and do your best. And I’m sure some of that “Rush” if you will comes from the sense of accomplishment that you have figured out everything and removed any doubts and uncertainties. After all, uncertainty usually leads to doubt and fear. Much like what we’re dealing with presently. With so much changing at such a quick pace, places being closed and nothing to do we’re uncertain as to what the future holds. So much so that it has many of us are in fear. Fear of losing everything and having doubts on things getting better. Unfortunately this caused the number of people being depressed,abusing drugs and alcohol or even committing suicide to be much higher since last year. I have to mention that if you are anyone you know are feeling this way please contact The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Not that uncertainty is completely a negative thing. It is an opportunity to make things better, to improve, to fill that void where something was missing. A chance to figure things out for the best and fill that void of uncertainty with conviction, confidence and knowing that we made the best decision possible. By ourselves or with the help of a trusted mentor or reliable sources. Not the news media that has an agenda to bring you to conclusions that make it easier for you to be manipulated and controlled. It’s all in our perspective, if we choose to dwell on lower vibrations of fear and doubt we can literally driving ourselves sick. Let me remind you that it’s been proven that ulcers are caused by people feeling worried. And obviously it’s normal that you can’t always have the answers. Besides, nobody knows everything (even if some people act like they do). So what can be a healthy way of “Finding my Way” without slipping into an anxious state of worry? The simplest analogy is one I learned from one of the best mentors I have discovered Robert Zink. He put it like this “How do you eat an entire Elephant? One bite at a time”. Now anyone who has a brain & is not desperately looking for the latest thing to be offended by knows we aren’t implying anyone should or is planning to eat an Elephant (not a disclaimer,I just enjoy mocking how absurd the world has become. Avoiding growth to focus on finding an angle on which to lay blame on others for something they are lacking. Like next the color purple will be offensive because it is created by red & blue which represent the 2 main political parties in the US) but it implies a major endeavor that would be overwhelming to most. The point is to take one step at a time. Of course we would like to come to our final conclusions or complete our tasks, but by finishing one thing you are that much closer. Or even thinking of how to complete step one. Just like Earl Nightingale said : “It all starts with an idea”. Nobody is saying to not think about think about the goal at all, as matter of fact one of the best things you can do is visualize it already accomplished. But not just visualize it, imagine how it will feel knowing it is done, manifest that feeling as you meditate on the outcome and then get to work. There is much more to this method with several techniques you can learn from from Zink’s teaching at The Law of Attraction Solutions. But before anybody thinks that I drifted off into some neo-spiritual mumbo-jumbo or it’s against your beliefs. This concept is represented in many different religions, including Christianity (Matthew 21:22). And I do recall hearing a very simplified version from a little old Jewish guy by the name of Mickey who said “See yourself doing right & you do right”. Of course I’m speaking about Mickey from Rocky, but you get the idea and obviously it worked.

As most of you who have been reading my entries for a while know that I tried to barely touch on what’s going on in the world right now, if at all. But, as I had stated earlier in these times it is even easier to fall back and let somebody else control your destiny and your mindset. Although what’s going on is extremely real, I’m flabbergasted that more people don’t see the agenda behind this. Since over the course of history, fear has been a major weapon utilized to control the population. I was just speaking about it yesterday when I simply went in for some routine maintenance on my car and the Grease Monkey at the local oil change place kept on trying to tell me what was wrong with the car besides needing an oil change. Immediately followed by how much it would cost of course, like I was born yesterday. I’m well aware of this concept since I do have a sales background. One weapon against being pulled into that is having confidence in yourself to know that you will find those answers, and knowing that they are already in side of you. All these feelings of doubt and fear will steer you away from the focus you need to come to those conclusions. I can’t help but mention another concept I learned from Robert Zink “Gnosis”, although I’m familiar with the term because of a band that I had become friends with many years ago, this is basically the trifecta of knowing and I encourage you to look this concept up. Showing you are confident and are in the know are so important that they are attractive qualities personified by most of our cultural icons such as rock musicians and sex symbols. From Marilyn Monroe,James Dean,Marlon Brando and even manufactured ones such as the Fonz they all exhibit this air of having the answers and even if they don’t they never expose any doubts,but also know when it is time to show vulnerability. However you slice it, these types aren’t the kind you’d see panicking they know they are revered and admired. Completely self assured and aware,unswayed by the crap society tries to feed them. I think now more than ever we need to be reminded of this, since we are being asked to be at arm’s length from each other, defining ourselves by new classicifications that in most cases are a place holder to define yourself due to lack of merit or imagination. Even as we deal with the same situations, we are more divided now than ever, hence “Divide and Conquer”. And as I know first hand(since the mass brainwashing has already begun), you will be shunned for questioning it and I make no apologies for doing so. I meant no one any harm trying to get them to take a look around and question what we are suddenly being told to do. As far as I know I still have rights and a voice and will exercise that right and I hope more people will too. But remember, it’s your life, your journey and however you decide to find your way is ok as long as you It’s without harming anyone, and that you never give up. That is a much better feeling than any false security you maybe scared into having.

Thanks again for reading, I truly appreciate it and can’t wait to give you more very soon,

Nate xoxo

Here’s a live version of Finding my way with Neil Peart on drums. May he Rest in Power.

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