There is a Song for any occasion

After my last blog post I started thinking how there is a song that can fit almost any situation. If you read that post you would know that it was no laughing matter. However, another choice song to post may have been: Into the great wide open by Tom Petty. It much like the song from The Byrds:Turn,Turn,Turn, with the words taken from the Bible: to everything turn,turn,turn, there is a season. I know most of you probably know the rest but, it basically states that there is a time for everything. I’m sure we have all been to enough Weddings, Birthdays, and various joyous occasions to have heard Kool & the Gang’s Celebration more times than we can count.

I didn’t want to come right out and make it obvious this was a farewell to summer entry. I was even worried that naming this entry “There is a Song for every Season”, fearing that I may give it away. I think most of us are in denial about or just sad to see it go. On the other hand, I’m sure many of us are really excited about the Fall season. For me, I was just getting used to the rhythm of the Summer and would have liked to do more activities. It would have also have been great to play some shows, but the bands at Forever Autumn Records have been working hard on our upcoming releases in hopes of debuting them in the Fall, I mean Autumn (hence the label name). I am glad for the few things I did get to do this Summer, I did get to goto the Beach, saw some friends and family, went to a few BBQs, including one the 4th of July and I did get to write some more music and see some shows. Like most people I am not always content or in the exact place I would like to be at this point in my life, but I think my new outlook has helped me continue to keep writing and moving forward with my musical endeavors and my life in general. This last brush of warm weather we have been experiencing here in New York made me realize the meaning behind the title of a demo tape my friend made years ago with his old band Colder Thy Kiss entitled: Summer’s Dying Twitch(btw, Joe if you see this or anyone else that has a copy of that does,please get in touch with me,I lost my copy and miss hearing those songs that didn’t make the album)

Maybe it is hard for us to see the Summer go, because it makes you feel young. After all they say that anyone under 18 years old is in the Summer of their life. I am sure we all can remember going away during the summer on family vacations or to camp. I recently found out that a camp I attended called Town & Country Day Camp in Old Tappan,NJ is now closed after discovering a facebook group made up of people who attended throughout the years. Just seeing those old pictures of Summers past(even some that are from before I was born) made me comforted. It even brought back the memory of very beautiful girl I had the pleasure of becoming friends with. I still have a very clear mental picture of her coming out the pool and looking at me with a very warm smile. It seems like a summer romance sticks out in our minds more than any other. I guess it’s just a magical time to be young. Back then I never thought I would be sitting here on a computer telling the world about this in some grown up Gordy from the Movie Stand by Me fashion. But for those of you that are reading this that are still young I’m sure sure you are either dreading or are exciting to be going back to school. I hope all of you can enjoy your surroundings with your peers while you are full of life. While you are still carefree and not burdened by bills, work , stress and over nonsense we older people have to deal with.

Thanks again for reading everyone, and I hope you all had a very magical summer. Here is a video with the exact message I was trying to putout there (it actually inspired this entire entry) and even has footage that I have never seen, even though this band is one of my main inspirations. And I invite all of you to comment with your favorite Summer memories either past or present. And your favorite songs of the Summer. Enjoy this last breathe of Summer before its gone for good, Nate

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  1. Unknown says:

    Ok, I guess I will start. I remember hearing songs such as No one is to Blame by Howard Jones & The way is by Bruce Hornsby on the bus ride to camp. Anyone else?

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