Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans-John Lennon

I was waiting to get some updated mix downs of some songs today, but it was practically the furthest thing from my mind. In the mists of what was nearly a family tragedy, I found myself using my resources and my knowledge of working along side of the press to search for a missing relative. Fortunately he was found unharmed, however when something of this nature occurs it really shows you how much somethings that we see as important are virtually insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Some artists have an “all or nothing” attitude when it comes be successful. I have even seen some bands putting out an ad looking for a new member saying we dont want anyone that will be looking to take time off for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays. What nerve? This is clearly not the case for all bands. I recall U2 canceling an entire tour due to a family tragedy. And since they probably were playing in arenas, I’m sure tens of thousands of dollars were lost just in deposits alone.

I cannot believe I would end up titling an entry Priorities, since one of my former band mates always used this word to dwarf the importance of the band to basically mask his own laziness and lack of dedication. Just hearing this word after that almost always puts me in a foul mood(not that it actually grinds my gears,but as a wordsmith any misuse of a word can be found as offensive). At one point, I was even accused of being somewhat of a tyrant while trying to coordinate plans to record after simply stating when I want to get together. Next thing I knew it assumed that I wanted the entire band to put this above families. But again, just a passive attempt to assign blame elsewhere to overcompensate for one’s laziness. Yes playing music should be fun, but a band is lots of work, that can be very rewarding. Recent dealings with former band mates and others outside of the group made me realize that the music is only a priority if you make it one. I have seen countless people that don’t put in the effort it takes to give a band a fighting chance at being successful. The hardest thing is coming to realize that people that have you been playing music don’t have what it takes. Or that their Priorities are not the same as yours and you are left to make a tough decision between your art and doing right by what is most likely not just band mate, but also a friend. It may seem to be a cutthroat thing to do, but if someone is in your band and is also your friend they should know how important it is to you and work just as hard as you to make something work. It maybe an easy decision to make if you picture where you want to be with your band and understand that this person is in your way.

The person who founded the band has a tough roll as a band leader knowing what decisions to make and when to make them. Dealing with promoters and other music industry types is hard enough without the band having internal issues. A constant struggle within a band can lead to a breakdown of the band and make it impossible to get anywhere. For me this almost caused me to breakdown completely, forcing me to learn to be more aware of signs that someone is not a good fit for the band. Ultimately your goals should always be in mind and it is always good to take into account what you have accomplished thus far. I am constantly tested by those “in the seen”(yes another phrase that I find unappealing) because most people that are not musicians don’t really see all the work someone puts into a band. Even after putting in over a decade, playing in several states and receiving reviews by notable publications, I am told that I am a “virtual unknown” or a “low tier band”. Pay them no mind and keep doing what you love, if you are lucky things will catch on. Again you have to make it a Priority, and anyone who doesn’t comply is not a Priority in your career. If you settle for poor treatment, then you get what you deserve. Your desire to achieve your goals should overshadow any adversity that you may have. Look to those you trust for any advice or help you may need. But whether you trust me or not, take my advice and Learn the business side of music. This recent situation showed me how people can rally together if they truly care about someone and that we are not alone.

Thanks again for reading, as most of you know I usually include a video. I thought this would be appropriate due to recent events

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