I want to know what you would have done

This was originally a post on my Facebook page, but I saved it and decided to post it here after seeing how many people commented on it and liked the post. Maybe this post will actually generate some comments on my blog, and maybe, just maybe help some people develop some more etiquette in certain social situations.

I wonder how many of you would do what I did: I’m in a club that has 2 rooms that share restrooms. The other room is of course the “mainstream” or “normal” crowd. I’m changing in the stall & the latch was loose, so this guy tried opening it. After noticing It was occupied he waits there, and I realize He has a woman with him. They are waiting for me to be done, just enjoying each others company(to put it mildly)never-minding what most people do in the stall, just waiting for it to be free so they can do their thing. Not that I am a prude or anything, but they should have used some discretion and waited outside the bathroom or something. Kinda grossed out by this I decided to remind them what the stall is for because, as most of you know by now; I always have to add my own zing to most situations just to keep things interesting. I made some fart noises with my hand to scare them off(which worked by the way), hoping that they think twice before being so out in the open about getting down in a Men’s room and actually “got a room”

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