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This will obviously be the last post of the year. I was brooding over what I should write about, I really don’t want bore everyone with some lame ass “Year in review” piece. I was just very indifferent about the Holidays this year with the requirement of having to rush around like a maniac to buy stuff, which keeps getting crazier and crazier with each passing year. So much so that I even dreaded going to Holiday parties, partly because of my need to not conform to what is being spoon fed to us, but mainly because of my own self disappointment in where I think I should be at this stage of my life. However, the much dreaded Holiday events made lead me to meeting a remarkable person from another era. This person had been telling me about how the music scene once was here in New York, and in other places. The importance of such places like the Joshua Tree(the place in Southern California,not the U2 album) and how he feels that music will be society’s saving grace. That was something I really needed to hear,especially after seeing the decline of the scene, so much so that I purposely misspell it when I refer to it as a Seen, it should be about the music. But instead, many times it has turned into a need to be seen, with all this facebook, and instagram hoopla some people views themselves as the focal point in certain situations, making the event itself secondary and therefore the event has lost all meaning and purpose.I have heard fabled stories of NYC years ago and more recently, Seattle where a typical local show would consist of 4 bands,sounds simple enough right?,no quite.Each of these 16 musicians played in 4 other bands,which were in attendance at said show and each of onlooking band mates are also in other bands, and those band mates and their friends were also at the show, so before you know a room is filled without any major promotion,not to mention regulars and people passing by stopping in.This was a topic Me & this person had discussed in great detail. All and all, This recent experience with my new acquaintance just went to show me that once again life threw me a curveball, you never know who or what you will discover on your personal journey. These days it is very easy to be distracted and discouraged, looking around for a moment at what your peers are doing not realizing that they are showing their best side,on the surface.

My point is that is probably unhealthy to be totally content, challenge yourself constantly and never be too hard on yourself.After all, we are all evolving on a daily basis,our life is about our own personal journey and we should enjoy the process.I think the only way I can see myself continuing to keep creating is keep experiencing life and interacting with others. Of course there are many days where I can’t seem to find something to write about,but those days have their purpose in my plan as well,they should be used to get the business side of all this music business done.With this blog for example, I do think that is lacking more of the music side of things. However, I can promise that their will be more of that to come in the coming weeks and months. Last year, I think I finally learned about self reliance, acceptance and free will. My need to keep this band going had really put me in some dark places and I experienced plenty of things that made me see things how they really are.Especially to “Let go” of those who just don’t get it,maybe they will at some point,but that is up to them. But, I learned that my inspiration can be found in anything and I shouldn’t just settle out of fear.We as musicians have been devalued due to the economy and people’s lack of understanding of what we actually do to create our music,especially when pertaining to any particular artist(think of how many band bios you Haven’t read). That goes back to everyone’s need to Seen, our attention spans have become so short(think about,it used to be the norm to just sit down and listen to an entire album,when was the last time you actually did that?) that we no longer are interested in how a band came about, what they have done before, if you are lucky enough to get a listen that’s all you get from people and we artists have come accustom to it.So, what do we do? unfortunately, most just settle and go where they are accepted at the very least hoping to be celebrated at the very best. I hope those who follow this type of practice do keep creating and challenging themselves,no matter what medium they are involved in. I think this is a good place for me to end, Thank you once again for reading or if this is your first time seeing my blog welcome aboard.I hope this New Year brings everyone many new blessings, and chances to discover yourself and the world around you. Best wishes, Nate

FYI, This picture was taken in Times Square

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  1. Xtine says:

    Hi Nate, great blog! You are so right about bands supporting one another- we found that nowadays when a band would play, a lot of times they'd leave. That's not how things used to be, there used to be reciprocity in which it's I watch your band, you watch mine- and EVERYBODY ATTENDS EVERYBODY'S SHOWS. It HAS to be that way, how are you going to expect people to stand and watch your shows but then you want to leave when THEY are onstage? That doesn't seem right, right? And also, why would you want to leave the club, isn't it better to watch and listen to bands onstage and talk to people rather than go home? It doesn't make sense to me, I don't know what's causing this lack of loyalty and interest to the music scene, but I'm so happy you brought it up.

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