A Writer Writes, Always

Hello again everybody, for this entry I’m going to have the theme be around a movie for a change. Actually, one scene from a movie in particular that stuck out my mind after the events of the past few weeks. It’s from a movie called “Throw Momma from the Train” starring Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito. It wasn’t the most colorful line from this scene, or even the title of the clip that I found on YouTube. Yet, from my perspective it was the most powerful message from the whole thing : “a writer writes, always”. This can be interpreted several different ways, but for myself I saw this as not allowing anything to get in the way of my writing.

I must admit that I had stumbled upon these words, as they were said as a closing statement by Billy Crystal’s character who is teaching a creative writing class. Of course most of this scene was meant to be a joke at the expense of a man in the class that mostly had sex on the brain (you’ll see) but I’m very glad that for once I got more out of this than what I was focused on and what was intended. I have heard similar versions of this statement from other people saying that no matter how they felt they were creating. It is normal to have doubts, or something going on in life that paralyzes you from continuing with your work. And it might not be something internal either. It could be from lack of support either from the public, or from those who you counted on to consistently follow what you were doing. Especially if it was somebody who was paying attention and then suddenly stopped. But that is all up to the artist to realize that their purpose should not be gauged by who’s paying attention but by the fact that this is their purpose in life. In other words, this is what they were put here for and to simply stop doing it would be squandering their gifts.

Most of us already know that some of the best works ever created words derived from I need to cope with one’s pain. The first example that comes to mind is when Eric Clapton tragically lost his son he decided to write the song “Tears in Heaven”. And as had mentioned in my previous entry, Robert Plant wrote “All of my Love” when his son also tragically died. Think of how many songs you’ve heard about people being lonely or breaking up. There was even one case when Peter Steele wrote the Type O Negative album : “Slow,Deep and Hard” overnight after a very tough break up. So unfortunately, pain is necessary at times (not always, or we’d have no Bubblegum music) for creating great art. Maybe it’s because when we are at our lowest, we are most sincere and able to create the most intense and genuine works. People can sense these real feelings being expressed and many can relate to it having had similar experiences. Going back to films, the movie “The Outsiders” was based on a book by S.E. Hinton who (at age 16) decided to start writing after her friend was attacked by some kids from a more affluent social circle, hence “the Socs”. The film omits a part in the book where one of the characters looks out his window and wonders how many other kids must be going through similar struggles in life. Something that is difficult for a young person to realize on their own, which I know from experiencing that myself. It made him feel less alienated which in effect gave him hope for better days ahead. That is the foundation of most support groups. Although I am independent and self motivated, I see the value of support groups and counseling and I recommend it for anyone who feels their issues are consuming them and they want to do better.

These messages in music,movies,books and visual art can be used as a way of finding them (wait, didn’t I already establish that?). Whether we are the creators or the people being exposed to it,which can be international or not. We all have a limit to where grief,depression,gambling,substance abuse or any other vices consume us to a point where if it is not addressed it defines who we are. We all know someone who talks endlessly about a topic or another person im sure. I have a friend that went around telling everyone about someone he was having issues with(fighting,feuding,beefing whatever you want to call it) so much that it enabled me to mimic his voice to a tee. Not the first time I did this, but it was those exact words that made my stellar impersonation come to life. Like many people, I have at times in my life felt hopeless,stuck, and unable to see a positive outcome so much so that it was like an addiction. Even though I had people to support me, I knew that I had to do the work myself. Some people sensed it and used it to try and bury me further deeming me easy prey. Even friends and bandmates, real classy huh? It was just a test, to see who was really on my side and it was just one revelation that proves that there can be good (or at least a lesson) in any situation. As you can see I came out on top, still keeping the band moving further and I found the courage to share these things with all of you so more good can hopefully come from it. Yes, I said courage because it is shameful that these things happened that and even though that shame should be felt by others (not something narcissists are capable of) it’s not a story most people would share. Perhaps by the looking I just stated earlier about what defines us or its that same logic that people use on Fa(c)kebook of showing off and giving and presenting your life as if you don’t have a care in the world (cue the barf emoji).

But just like the title of this entry states : a writer writes,always. I needed to pause in order to find the best way possible to conclude this. Thanks in part to some things I have learned from my mentors, I knew that I would. I found myself going off on a not-so related topic that would most likely stand out for the jabs I took at myself. But I knew I would find a way to conclude the right way. Simply because this is what I do, I write. No matter what is going on good or bad,I write. If I stopped then I would not only be admitting that my problems have overpowered me but I would be doing myself and all if you a disservice. Afterall, it’s my story to tell because I choose to. Much like it is your choice to listen, for which I am grateful and would return favor if you decided to share.

Thanks again everyone. Be well,


I felt this particular performance was best, you’ll know why

And of course the scene that includes some of the inspiration this entry

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