All of My Love

Hello everyone,

First of all let me say once again that I am very appreciative of everyone who gave me condolences and for those who continue to read I am very grateful. Last week I suffered another personal loss. For me it was losing a child, all though it’s not a human child it is my loss. How some try to diminish the severity of the loss of a pet had me almost keep this private. This is just one of the many byproducts of today’s society that we feel we have the right to dictate the emotions of others based on our own viewpoints. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change how I feel and he shouldn’t be robbed of a tribute because of some blowhards that wouldn’t have the balls to say unsolicited and cruel things in person.

Our pets do show us unconditional love and we enrich each other’s lives. And for some of us, inspire us to be better people. I remember this guy, Pluto (as he was later named), was a small black kitten with a white patch on his chest who lived outside my building in a small shade tree that can be seen through one of my living room windows. I would often find him looking out and accusing him of reminiscing on his past life with some other cats that also lived there. Then about a year later the vet’s office told me that the cat I was supposed to adopt went to someone else, but they had another that needed a home. I met him, seeing the note on his cage “likes to be scratched on his head” & the name they gave him : Punk. He drooled a bit from nervousness but was very affectionate. And that was how he was with most of my guests. A good natured and kind soul. If he were here now he would be jumping up on my chest and head butting me, a cat’s way of kissing you. I will miss seeing him when I come home and his silent meows.

He always loved laying on my sheet music lol

We willingly enter into these relationships knowing that we will part too soon. But it shouldn’t hinder anyone from bringing a pet into our lives and giving a much needed home. This post was originally going to be about my tenacity as a writer who wouldn’t let tragedy stop me from writing. After thinking of a few other examples of this mindset, in particular Robert Plant when he tragically lost his Son Karac, who was only 5 years old at the time. I found myself listening to the song he wrote in tribute “All of my Love” at home trying to find the most suitable version to include. It wasn’t until I played it on my car stereo that I realized I should not merely skim over how I am feeling right now out of precaution to not invite possible ridicule or attempts at manipulation. That’s relinquishing my personal power and it’s not something I am capable of. As artists we learn to just block out hecklers both literally and mentally. And speaking of power, I felt this song demonstrates much more power than what I initially was going to give to you (but keep reading I will share it). I don’t just mean the song itself that starts with an incision of John Paul Jones’ synth that although are quite simple in composition are still robust and catchy. Quickly followed by a steady but also simple drum beat by John Bonham, I think at this point it didn’t matter if he was hitting tin cans, you knew who was doing the hitting so it was guaranteed to be good. And last but not least the predominantly flamenco esque guitar lines of Jimmy Page.

Beyond the yet another performance of Led Zeppelin that proves that they live up to their moniker of Legendary status, it’s the meaning of the song that stands out. After all, Love is so powerful that it makes the world go round. And the word all as we know means entirely, completely. So the two together are even more potent. Although within love all is implied and stated it can seem redundant, the fact that is was just indefinitely brands his statement. And obviously most parents love their children more than anything, I know I do.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your condolences. I assure you that things are getting better for us all and although we are apart from our loved ones who passed for now, they send us strength and we owe it to them to continue living life to the fullest with kindness,courage,and being driven to accomplish all we set out to do.

Bless you all,


If you You would like to donate in memory of Pluto or one of your Pets, or for information on how you can adopt a cat or dog please visit Angels of Animals

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