Starting from scratch

    I wanted to copy an old blog I had made years ago on myspace with some tips, reference materials and links to help people learn more about promotions and the music business. However, the new myspace has deleted all the blogs created on their page. Instead of getting mad, sulking and feeling stuck yet again here I am taking a more progmatic approach to this, while knowing it could be worse. I still have most of the books I have read and I remember most of the links. However, many of them probably are outdated. Ironically enough, I thought I had saved this blog years ago but all I saved was a blog with links for pages that Imbolg has profiles on (and lets face it who wants to see that). Lesson learned (yet again) Always have a back up. If did not have most of these books, or a good enough memory to remember most of what I was trying to enter I would have lost most of this information for good. I hate to put this off yet again, but I will have to create another blog on this topic at some point in the future.
    So now im sure you can tell why I called this entry starting from scratch. It doesnt mean that you are down and out, but especially in the entertainment business you have to keep reinventing yourself and starting over. Sometimes a persona you created doesnt work for you(or just at that point in time), Willie Nelson for example had a more Pop,Nashville sound when he started and went onto to be a Country performer. After the Beatles broke up Paul McCartney travelled around the country in a van to college campuses in hopes of booking shows for his new band,Wings. Look at the band Kiss, they started out wearing costumes and make up that enabled them to create a persona that launch them not only into Rock music stardom, but they even made themselves loosely into comic book super heros. However, even Kiss had to change with the times (the 1980s that is) and sported teased hair, ripped jeans,and sometimes spandexs like most groups of the times and these days they are back to their original image with the costumes and make up. Like MySpace nothing is permanent, I’m sure many of you remember when that was “the page” to get the word out about your band (some bands even got signed because of it). I still credit them for linking me up with many interesting people and contacts, some of whom I am still in contact with.
    Of course years ago, I had plans to by now have more albums and tours under my belt. But as I have learned, there are no guarantees. Many bands, venues, and even record labels come and go. The trick is to keep doing what you love and if it is that important to you , make it work. The best way is to learn the business side and keep up with the trends.Im not saying, cut your hair to look like Justin Bieber, but see what people are listening to, where they find new music and most important new ways to earn money. For example, your traditional methods of distributing music have changed so much that many top level firms do not want to deal with your traditional “brick and mortar” distributors. These days, online distribution is much more lucrative and availible. You can even earn money when someone listens to your song while playing games on their Xbox. The internet did change the way the music business operates, but it has not been all bad. Since more information is availible to us.
    So to sum it up, nothing is as bleak as it seems. There are always obstacles to overcome, not just in music but life in general. I didn’t even realize it yet til now, but tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of my first show with Imbolg. Lots has changed in my life and in the business, and although I’m not where I thought I would be, I am glad we have achieved what we have and been able to survive this long. I will leave you with a picture from that show and the links I spoke about earlier. Until next time, be well all.

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