Hello again everybody. These past few months have been intense, but finally the warm weather has returned! I think any simple change to break up the monotony of one’s routine breathes new life into a person. I feel that I should have made this entry yesterday since it was the official start of Summer, with the Solstice and it being the longest day of the year. Nevertheless, shifting my focus off of my immeditae goals has allowed me to take a step back, absorb whats going on around me and let things happen organically. As I am approaching yet another Birthday(which I must admit usually makes me depressed)I decided to try and take a new mental approach to life. Now for an explanation on the title of this entry, Love,Love,Loveit was simply something my group of friends had been repeating throughout the night. I took the oppurtunity to see a friend perform at Irving Plaza, with some other NYC bands. It was good go out and see people doing what they “Love” doing on such a big stage. I was pleased to see that one of my friends actually just came out to see music, not even knowing much about any of the bands, thats Love. It was the first time actually had time really interact with my friend who was performing that night,got to know what his influences are, his political views, and overall demeanoar. So much went on that night, running into people that I only knew from online, reconnecting with friends that I havent seen in awhile due to our busy schedules, and one of my favorites; passing by those acquaintances that didnt recognize me because I completely changed my look & having to reintroduce myself(hey,nothing wrong with being amused by the simple things,lol).So as the night progressed we linked up with a few new friends that we hit off with and continued on to local hang out after parting company with other people who chose to go home and rest or left to pursue a new love interest or what-not.

So,we ended up at a bar called the Three of Cups. A true NYC Rock hangout much like its counterpart in Brooklyn,Duffs where you can find local musicians hanging out within its built in crowd. Just in the short time that I have been going to Cups, ive noticed many people and events pass through. A night dedicated to local artists to network, a live video from a local band shot right on the premises, and the usual ongoings at a Rock Bar. You know what I mean, trying to make your way up to the bar for a drink, passing by someone you may recoginze, such as a guy in a local band that has worked their way up the ladder or one of the many people you have on your Facebook that you never met in person while a hit by Judas Priest,Motley Crue,AC/DC or the likes is blasting in the background. Whatever the case, we are all their for one reason: Love,Love,Love. We Love going out and seeing friends, we Love hearing music or in some cases, we Love playing and creating music.

These days our Love of music is tested much more than in the past. It is very hard to keep a band going. We are in a time of serious economic downfall. It is pretty much an irrational thing to continue making music when you dont even get paid for performing in many cases. Promoters in some circles would be quicker to hand money over to a Dj, a dancer or a photographer than to a band. The bands are also their expressing their unique talents and making the night an experience. So how did it come to be that musicians are subjected to such insulting conditions, and why do we keep doing something that is as stated previosuly to be irrational? I’ll tell you why : Love,Love,Love. Love makes us doing irrational things, encase you didnt know this. Whether it s for a person or something you enjoy doing. I must admit I forgot this in my struggle to move forward amongst all the dissapointment, and negativity I have been surrounded by, forcing me to make drastic changes in my life and my band. I recently found myself becoming envious, yet happy watching a friend performing as She was simply up onstage doing what She Loves.

So in these coming months, let us reconnect with the spirit of the famous Summer of Love(from what I was told by a friend who was only 9 years old at the time, we truly missed out on that one). Interact with others, allow yourself to be less inhibited, become inspired by those around you and find a way to achieve what your goals no matter is in your way. Remember: with Love all things are possible.

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