I decided to take a few days off my “real job”, I was planning on taking just today. But after a very unfair situation that cost me a promotion, I decided to take a few days to recharge, handling the stock pile of work that has been building up and prepare for the re-release of our album this Fall. I would have enjoyed making more money and being more stable, but not at the expense of creating words and music. I feel that after the all the years I have put ino creating this music, I need to bring it to the next level no matter who or what is holding me back.Especially after I learned the business side(partly thanks to my High school music teachers who hosted seminars in house with industry professionals). But, I didn’t stop there. I have done lots of research, read many books on the business, and I always keep an open mind to new trends. More of this will be included in future blogs.

So I decided to try and make some order of all the video I have captured over the past year of local events, and odd stock footage(if you know me personally you’ll catch my drift,lol). I am planning on doing a web series featuring bands of different genres mixed with interviews,eye candy and of course live performances. I am hoping to create something unique and give people a glance into NYC music scene(yes I spelled it right this time)and if possible branch off into other cities The idea was to include other cities as well, but I do need to go with flow and create what I can with our resources. I will announce its launch once it’s ready.

I found myself hanging out at a friend’s house. A phenomenal artist named Richie Rye, who has been in many bands,such as the Sneaker boys,No Exit,and Minstrels in the Gallery and he can play dozens of Standards (ie covers) and mimic the voices of Cat Stevens,James Taylor,Paul McCartney,David Bowie,Paul Simon and many others to a tee as he plays his keyboard. He had some originals too that he wanted me to follow along with as well. I did admit to him that basically I may need some guidance and I can probably figure parts of the riff out,but not note for note. Some musicians love to brag how they can do this at a whim and because I can’t im beneath their Standards. But, I was honest(another thing lacking in today’s world even amongst friends)and said my stance the point isn’t how you can jump in grasp the song right away and pat yourself on the back, as long as we are able to perform right? So I listened to his country style song similar to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Born on the Bayou” and a few others. I was particularly blown away by his rendition of David Bowie’s “Changes”. A piece he admitted that he had only hammered out a few days ago. I was so blown by it that I wanted to post it on his Facebook channel(which I would have even posted here if stupid didnt ruin the audio by sitting too close to the amp). However, I am actually listening to that song now. It really has a deep meaning. It’s very soothing & it’s helping me break free of some everyday woes I have about life, relationships and the business,yes all that from hearing a song(it’s the Power of music hard at work again,see my blog from April for the reference).

I love doing my own version of other people’s songs. It’s an odd way to connect with the Artist that inspired you to play music. If you are lucky, you can make your own unique twist on a Standard and draw in a new audience with it. Which I was attempting to with some of the songs on our Paler Still EP. Which I warn you is very different from what you will hear on our album re-release.But it’s music,so why be confined to one style?, isnt’t that missing the point of expreession? I think too many artists let their egos get in the way of performing these great familiar songs, it takes away from their focus(people are listening to you, how much attention can you need?)

Thanks again for reading, I am going to go out & try to enjoy the rest of my Birthday. Until next timne. Check out Richie Rye’s music. And this latest video of us doing a Standard

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