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I figured I would start the New Year off right by doing a follow up to my last entry sooner than later. No this isn’t a New Year’s resolution or some New year, new me crap that we all loathe. I just think that after all time writing (and not writing) I should keep going. Besides like I mentioned in my last entry, sometimes time away is often needed to stay strong and effective. In these past few months, I have been thinking about quite a few topics to write about. Some of these are things that I have were ideas the moment they had happened.

The last time I wrote I was mostly talking about things that seemed to be missing, hence the title The Big Empty. I reeled myself back in for a few reasons. One of which being that “if you focus on lack you attract more lack” thank you Robert Zink for making me aware of that. I didn’t want it to seem like a year in review type thing. I’m sure I’ve done that already. Besides, a few of the things I mentioned happened years ago. I felt like this particular thing I am focusing now needs entry all unto itself. I didn’t want it to be mashed in with some other things that happened this year. Especially since the premise of it is to focus on the here and now, the present moment, Today.

Of course I had known how important it is be present and focused, not dwelling on the past. There’s plenty of analogies supporting this “those who live in the past have no future”. People also say “those who don’t know history, will repeat it” which obviously means being aware of the past as to not make the same mistakes personally and as it pertains major events in history. One the of my favorite explanations is from a song by Ours written by Jimmy Gnecco called “Kill the band” one of the lyrics simply states “the past has a way of haunting our lives”. To my knowledge, the past isn’t the subject or of the song or the main message he is trying to convey. But this line just stands out to me as to explain what experiences have shaped who we are and suggests a sympathetic reason for this to be acceptable. But back to Today. This was something that happened on my first trip to California this past May. An experience I was planning to do an entire entry on(aptly naming it “Going to California” after the song by Led Zeppelin) on before what I am about to tell you happened. My focus of the trip was to attend the “Cobra Kai Live & Bad Ass” event. Most of the die-hard fans who make You Tube videos about the show were there and I we were hoping to get the chance to meet some of the actors from the show, which we did. Even though it was not a formal meet & greet like it had been advertised. And visit some friends from SoundSations Records that are the only store in the Los Angeles that carry Imbolg’s albums.

The day after the event I decided to visit Marina Del Ray and pay respects to Beach Boy’s member Dennis Wilson, who had tragically drowned there years ago. Since he was buried at Seas, this was the closest thing to a memorial that I could visit. I then decided to walk to Venice Beach. I ended up walking the wrong way, but I finally arrived at the beach and decided to just take it all in. I watched some of the surfers being stripped of the myth that the Pacific only has 12 to 14 foot waves. I had a local confirm this and invited to come to my usual surfing spot here in New York in the Rockaways. I was only able to dip my feet in the water having not brought a towel or shorts with me. I simply took it all in and meditated, eventually noticing the famous Venice Beach Pier in the distance. I had already walked this far so I decided to start walking, only knowing to go straight. Unaware of who or what I may run into (this place is known for pick pockets and the day earlier some idiots hassled my on Hollywood Blvd. trying to scam me into buying their hip hop demo, which almost lead to a fight. Just figured I’d mention it as a warning. Keep walking, don’t let anyone put something in your hand, and pretend you don’t speak English. Thank me later.) I didn’t even know where any bathrooms were. The first person I asked was some girl sunbathing and explained I was sincerely looking for the bathroom making here aware that I know every guy that walked by was trying to talk to her (one just left actually) but I really did need to find one. After sharing a quick laugh, I walked off to find one. I eventually did, but I just kept moving and a feeling came over me that grew stronger as I got closer to the Pier. The Sun wasn’t setting just yet, but I knew it was coming. I got closer to the end; I saw a group of guys there. I was anticipating a repeat of yesterday’s troubles on Hollywood Blvd., seeing them sitting around the center playing music with a large radio like we used to use years ago. Unable to hear specifically what they were playing. I figured I would just walk to the end just see it and go back, preparing to avoid them or explain my intentions as I passed by. Luckily, my assumptions were wrong for they just there enjoying the day like everyone else was. I was familiar with the music they were playing. Relieved it wasn’t something irritating or a sign that there could be trouble for anyone that didn’t click with them. The paid no mind to myself or the other people looking out onto the Pier. I’m sure you can picture a variety of people from a family with young children to an elderly couple and everything in between. Including myself (a solitary person who in my friend’s description Jim Morrsion-ed his way there, I think that speaks for itself. I plead the 5th). As I noticed the very front of the Pier was now unoccupied, I decided to look out thinking about how far out that horizon is. Looking to either side, waiting for the Sunset. I started to think about how my long time desire to visit California had been fulfilled. How right now, at this very moment it was happening now, Today.

Suddenly, I had started to focus in on the music these Men had been playing. For the past five minutes or so I was too enamored by the view and my own thoughts to concentrate on the music to identify the songs they played. But as was simply soaking in that moment, the most fitting song was playing. Yes, you probably guessed it. It was ”Today by the Smashing Pumpkins. I have known the song since I was in high school and this was actually one of the first non heavy bands I listened to back then that were current. It really helped things come together, for whatever reasons I had not made my way to California until then (as the Los Angeles area is a major Headquarters for the entertainment business) I had achieved what I set out to achieve years ago. A stripe on my belt if you will or a level up for all you gamers out there. But most importantly the gratitude that I made this possible. I had in the past visualized myself entering the terminal at LAX as to manifest this to occur and it did! I felt relieved, inspired, knowing I could manifest other things. Not that I had not done so before. But I gave me confidence after achieving this that other thing could happen. Such as the messages I was sending out of love to certain people far away, picturing them knowing that I was doing so and sensing the warm, caring vibes I was conveying to them. I immediately walked past one of them Men and thanked them for playing that song, briefly thanking them for being a part of this maiden moment and gently placing my palms against each other and lean closer to them in respectful bow of them wishing them safety and good fortune as I left. I started walking back to the main walkway (bit not before stopping to make my mark by writing my signature #THATSBURNT on one of the railings) Things just seemed to come into place afterwards. There was a couple taking wedding pictures I believed and I told them I stay a few moments to capture the sunset for a natural background in their pictures. I’m sure they too were aware of how precious this moment was. Hoping that years later they would look at that picture on their mantle and recall when the beginning of their lives together. Just as I walked away and congratulated them, Whitney Houston’s “I want to dance with somebody” was being played by an actual band playing around the halfway point of the pier. In the first line of the song she sings: “Clock strikes upon the hour And the sun begins to fade “. Ok, I’m not sure it was on the hour but it was still another synchronicity. I knew I had to capture this in some way. Of course I had taken some pictures and video, but I wanted to share the emotion and message that was given to me so other people could be inspired the same way I was.

I’m glad I finally was able to literally spell this out months later. It really helped me realize the power of positive thinking and gratitude. The energy and vibrations of the place I just visited have gone unmatched and will remain with me as I visit other places and of course return there again. It was fitting that right after I had witnessed the Venice sunset, I immediately went to the famous Whiskey a-go-go in Hollywood to Wednesday 13 and meet up with my friend and fellow musician Justin Symbol who had since moved out that way. Which perhaps I may do at some point. We’ll see. Thank you all for reading once.

Be Well,


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