Catch Me Now I’m Falling

Hello again everybody, well the good thing about posting this now is that I can congratulate everybody for making it through another week. I think that this one will be a pretty fitting end to Mental Health Awareness Month. The title pretty much gives this one away, but as you know there are many layers to a story to examine. As some of you probably already know, I lifted the title of this post from a song by The Kinks. Since the lyrics of this song primarily gravitate around the comic book hero Captain America (which I was once nicknamed behind my back by complaining ex bandmates that were mad bc I am willing to do what it takes to be successful when they were not, how dare I) asking for help from somebody, anybody.

After trying to find out exactly what the inspiration for this song was, I discovered that this was the personification of America in crisis knowing that they have always given aid to other countries. They couldn’t have picked a better Motif, since this Marvel character was mostly created to be the personification of America. And for you DC Comics fans, this album by the Kinks “Low Budget” also has a song on it mentioning Superman. And coincidentally, I’m writing this on the weekend that pays tribute to all of those who died defending our country. I’ll stop there because those memes that go around about how “this isn’t about a long weekend” and “while you’re at your barbecues”. Truthfully, the fact that we even have to remind people what Memorial Day is about mixed with cliche advertising that makes lackluster assumptions annoys me beyond belief. (Don’t even get me started on those Golden Grahams commercials from about 20 years ago or so). Sorry but you know the title of this blog. So therefore, you just never know what might be “In the mind of Nate”. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

The song was written by lead singer Ray Davies from the Captain’s perspective as the chorus’ lyrics were sung smoothly by co-founder and guitar player Dave Davies verbatim “calling on citizen’s from all over the world” (one of the best parts of the song, next to the saxophone solo) reminding them of how he never turned his back on them when they needed him. In most cases we shouldn’t remind people of the good things we did for them, but nobody should feel the need to remind the recipients of their efforts regardless. This song overall goes to show how far the band has come from their early days of songs like “You really got me”. Which is most likely the first hit song to have distorted guitars.

These days I’m sure many can sympathize with our hero. Feeling alone, helpless and only reaching out when it’s absolutely necessary. Lots of independent people are too proud to admit that they need some sort of help. I felt that way plenty of times, and many times I have been the one checking in on somebody or offering help. Which is especially important these days. And no, this is not a passive-aggressive attempt at reminding someone that I may have helped, that they did nothing in return for me. That’s not why we help others. And just because that person didn’t turn around and help you, doesn’t mean that you were not repaid. I’m sure most of you know how I feel about Karma and positivity. It may sound selfish on some level, when you know you’re going to be reciprocated in some way shape or form. But also Karma works both ways. I don’t think anyone’s expecting a pint of blood because you drove them to work. A simple thank you would suffice most people. Just like one of my most favorite sayings that I have coined :“if you don’t reciprocate you don’t appreciate”. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why people don’t reach out for help. Fear of being turned away. Both of these have happened to me before, are you surprised? After all, I’m a musician from the attitude capital of the country : New Jersey. But we live and learn, not everybody is deserving of your efforts. Which is why I prefer performing at charity shows mostly (more on that very soon).

Before it sounds like I was going on a tirade there, I just want to mention that the fact that people are reading this is evidence that I am not alone. And for that I am very appreciative. These are some of the things I have learned in recent years. Gratitude and the fact that we are never truly alone. I think that many people that are suffering or in the worst cases have committed suicide probably felt that way. Isolated from everyone, feeling they have no one to turn to. And some are suffering and don’t ask for help. That’s why it’s important to be alert and aware of the signs that someone might be suicidal or suffering silently from addiction, depression, or domestic abuse. Like I’ve said before, there’s not a single person in the world who is not affected by what’s going on in the world right now and if there’s a silver lining in all this it’s that Mental Health is not being dismissed,diminished or being something people should feel ashamed of. It still fall under overall health and I think anyone is ashamed or ridiculed when they have a cold or have a broken arm. Yes, we should strive to change our lives by looking inwards for what we can about ourselves but we can always reach out when we need help doing so.

Thank you all for reading once again. I hope you all enjoy this long weekend and continue to live the best lives possible. And remember : You’re NEVER Alone!

Best Always, Nate,xoxo

For more information about Mental Health Awareness, please visit :
I would also like to share one of my own personal resources, offered thru most employers, hence the name Employee Assistance Program (EAP). They offer free counseling and life assistance 800 833 8707

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