Pagan-Inspired Musical Collective IMBOLG Reveals New Video for “Red Devil” from The Sorrows Album

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Watch “Red Devil,” Featuring Pro Wrestler Tracy Wayne Gacy 

New York City pagan-inspired musical collective IMBOLG has released a new video for “Red Devil” from the group’s sophomore album, The Sorrows.

Filmed at Smash studios in NYC with Derek Soto of Sinestra Studios, “Red Devil” features an appearance by model and professional wrestler Tracy Wayne Gacy. Watch the video now at

“The tone of the video is set in line with the lyrics,” says vocalist/guitarist Nate Dal Cais. “It describes the desire for a woman referred to as ‘Red Devil,’ who appears dancing and gazing into the camera to solidify the concept of her being the muse.”

Founded by Dal Cais, the goth-pagan metal band is named after the late winter Celtic pagan holiday also known as Candlemas. IMBOLG’s distinctive style is known for dark, melodic and often heavy sounds mixed with synthesizers reminiscent of a variety of dark musical artists, including Type O Negative, The Misfits, Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost and The 69 Eyes. IMBOLG takes their pagan influences seriously, beginning of each live show with a pagan ritual that entails the burning of sage and incense, connecting the band and its fans as “one.” The band’s pre-show ritual was even noted in Goth-music author Mick Mercer’s book Music to Die For: The International Guide to Today’s Extreme Music Scene. Their notable live show has been taken throughout the United States, as well as locally at NYC’s Witchfest.

IMBOLG’s 2018 album, The Sorrows, was released via Forever Autumn Records on Cd and Vinyl LP and also reached number nine on the North American College & Community Radio charts.

IMBOLG is made up of Nate Dal Cais, bassist Kitty Hawke, keyboardist Hannah Stejnbok, drummer Ken Holley and backing vocalist Mark Demon.

IMBOLG’s obvious willingness to incorporate a progressive landscape of meter signatures and genre stylings, in fact, are ultimately what sets them apart from many self-proclaimed gothic artists, and will indeed be what serves them best and carries them forward…” – Gothic Beauty

“…a distinctly odd record, full of majestic elements and delivered with a full-on immediacy that never relies on outright power… for a debut though this is truly tantalizing.” – Mick Mercer, Author of Music To Die For

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