Either you got it or You Don’t

Hello once again,

Yea Yea,its been awhile since the last post. Anyone keeping count of how many times I’ve opened with that? In all seriousness things got a little busy with working on the new album and sending promotional material along with our first album out to stores in several different parts of the Country(soon to be nationwide). I felt that with today being Record Store Day I had to make a post and thank all of the stores that are now carrying our music. And we have just started taking pre orders for the new album on Pledge Music along with some other specials deals for our fans. Also, I wantedmy last article on Dean to be a focal point to both my regular readers as well as new visitors. It was a truly groundbreaking entry for both me as a writer and for the Artist. I had taken lots of time acquiring the right information about his projects as well as his new project, and asked him all of the questions I felt that people would like to know the answers to and of course spending plenty of time to asking him about his goals for building a public image in order to present him and his music accurately. So in a nutshell, this was a big step for me as far as being instrumental in an artists public relations.

While I am taking care of all these things, I am just focusing on the end results and not the tasks that some may find to be tedious or too time consuming. From sharing on social media,building a new profile on Pledge Music to researching the places I’d like to send packages to,ordering print materials,mailings and following up with each retailer or contacts. Not to mention retooling the process as issues arise or ideas to make things run smoother get thought of, while getting a second opinion from trusted colleagues and fans. I don’t think by any means that what I’m doing is at all Super Human or groundbreaking nor do I think I deserve some special award for it (growing up when someone was pining for praise we would ask them : Do you want a medal or a monument?) I’m just realizing that not everyone is willing to do this. And of course with sending out packages I’ve had plenty of help from friends and fans which a I greatly appreciate. I just recall a time when former bandmates would complain that I was asking for a small amount of help or actually complaining that I was doing this all together. I couldn’t wrap my head around why,except for lack of faith in what I was doing(or their own abilities),ignorance and those that started the project with me,not having the integrity (or spine) to tell these folks whats up and take a hike if you don’t like it. Actually, they wanted to fire me if that makes any sense. Well, I realized in this and any of Bullshit situation that: I’m not a Shrink,I’m not a social worker and I don’t need these people that will eventually bring me down if I don’t protect what Ive worked for. Notice I said “former bandmates” and I will leave it at that.

The quams I got from these Lethargic folks was because the things I was doing were just foreign to them. Much like their attitude was foreign to me. I just have been fortunate enough to have good teachers growing up that not only showed us the right way to perform and understand music. But also educated us on the business side, which we all know is every changing. Like any goal, it won’t come overnight and you have to keep working on it. Be willing to make sacrifices, be willing to do at least one thing every day to get closer to your immediate goals. I say Immediate because, for myself I can’t get satisfaction from one accomplishment. I’m always thinking “what next?”. Look at how many albums a successful artist does or how many shows or movies a famous actor stars in. And doing something everyday doesn’t have to be something groundbreaking.It could be making a phone call,sending an email,writing a riff. After all, like Ray Lewis said : “Greatness Is a Lot of Small Things Done Well”

So what I’m saying is I don’t see this stuff as “work” It’s quite enjoyable. I’m just doing what I need to do on a daily basis,knowing I’m making progress. And I am meeting and speaking to lots of new and interesting people all around the Country. For me, I couldn’t ask for anything more besides seeing all the results I desire become a reality.

Thanks again for reading, I am looking forward to seeing what this Summer brings and the completion of the new album. Like I mentioned at the start of this post, we are dong pre orders of the new album. The Page we set up is allowing us to give people who pre order all updates on the album’s progress and some bonuses like a signed copy of the first album, a grab bag of all promo stuff and merchandise, having us come to perform at your house and more. I am also offering help to other artists by appointment. But we have an will take suggestions from people on other bonuses. And part of the money will go to Charity. Hope to get another Entry out to you Soon. Be well and check out some of the deals you can get today on Record Store Day


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