Hey, Hey what I can I Say?

Hello again everyone, Im sure by now the phrase “its been awhile since my last post” is becoming a cliche. Most bloggers are very consistent with their entries (like I once was) but things always throw us off course even if we try our best to not let them. I’ll have to blame the issues I have been facing with PTSD and Depression. These may not seem like valid reasons to not continue writing but it has actually even effected my reading, believe it or not. Many don’t understand (or want to understand) how crippling it can be. That’s mainly why I haven’t been blogging. Truthfully, I didn’t even know what I was going to write and this wasn’t the first time.

If the recent past has taught me anything its that things will work out and come to you when they are supposed to. These things that make life difficult, and heartbreaking or for some make you question whether or not it’s worth going on usually shape us into who we are. And for us creative types, gives us a way to channel that into something we can create in hopes of inspiring others that can relate to us. Actually just today I was telling someone how this pain is a necessary evil and we can even view how we live as a Catch 22 basically if we end finding true happiness we become content and lose the drive to create. I have been in the company of people like this and they eventually brought me down.

With this New Year that we are all anticipating after the loss of countless actors and Musicians such as : David Bowie,Prince,Keith Emerson,Carrie Fisher,Alan Rickman,George Michaels,Florence Henderson And the list goes on as we all know. Even though these are not what are viewed as personal losses, such as a close friend or relative nothing could be further from the truth. Fans of the for mentioned and any other death such as these are reminders of our own loss of life. How many people remember listening to Bowie for the first time? or watching Star Wars and seeing Carrie Fisher’s character “Princess Leai” appear on screen? It reminds us that part of our life,(a part that is especially treasured) our youth is over. These people are as much a part of our lives and who we are as our loved ones are. Those who raise you and interact with you regularly for any length of time mold your thinking and can inspire you. And so do these people, especially for those hoping to become musicians or actors. I’m sure I’ve stated in other entries that everyone gets influenced by someone who was there before them and their influences may have even help them decide to pursue a career in entertainment. Hopefully this inspiration is only amplified by these losses. Just like Obi Wan Kenobi said in Star Wars: “Strike me down I will become more powerful than you ever imagined”

I have recently lost someone who did help me develop my sound and get the right equipment and mindset. This Man actually spent more time with me than my own Father and obviously has taught me more. For now I will not mention his name as his family does not know that I am writing this(but that will probably change). I did prepare myself for this moment, but no matter how prepared you are it can never mask your grief or fail to shock you when someone is gone. I still listen to a song that his band recorded and the part of it states “and you will be alone, with just a memory of me” and without fail it makes me tear up(even as I’m typing this). But, I know that I must be grateful and honor him by living well and keeping him and his wisdom in my heart. I will try to continue to pass on this knowledge, help others and be honest,something he predicted would be what the Music Industry will soon be seeking out in Artists as the best redeeming quality that sets their talent apart from others

I think this was probably why I started writing this blog. Despite some minor scrutiny, many have told me that they have enjoyed reading my blog and I do appreciate that(hopefully some of my originals readers are reading this now). I was hoping to give people the story behind the music, a look into the origins of some of the songs and a dose of reality that not everything runs smoothly like Hollywood likes to make you believe(Something I have referred to in previous entries as the Hollywood syndrome). And of course I hope to inspire,educate and promote other artists with my stories,sharing knowledge and by posting blog entries that include interviews from other bands. The next entry will include an interview from a tenured musician that is creating his own solo music and products.

As for my music, we just released a new song(see the widget below) called Red Devil that thanks to our friends and contacts is being promoted at music stores and venues around the country. When you are out and about look for these cards:

Well, I’m sure you are not sitting home on New Years reading my babbling , I hope everyone enjoys 2017 and had a safe and Happy New Year. Thank you to everyone that has taught me something or shared their time with me,no matter what how great or little it may have been.Much Love



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