a look at the Halloween season with interview from Scream Queen Genoveva Rossi

Hello everyone, Yes I should have posted this a few days ago. But at least we still are reeling from all the Halloween excitement, well I know I am. It seems like Halloween comes and goes so fast and we never get to do everything we had planned for. Didn’t go to enough parties,didn’t eat enough candy,didn’t go to enough places to pick pumpkins and apples, or Didn’t watch enough Horror movies.

It has always interested me as to how the movies in general come to life, the story, the production, the casting and how the actors came to be. A few years ago I was given the chance to see a movie come to life as it was being made. Some friends of mine created a film called “Jack O’ Slasher” and I was given a small part in the film. Even though it was an independent production, It was like just like what I heard being on a Hollywood movie set would be like. Getting into costume,preparing mentally,snacking,and hours of hanging out getting to know the other people in the film and crew.

Although I haven’t been involved in much acting since then(with the exception of a small role on Law & Order SVU which will air at the end of the month)I did get to witness a friend of mine continue to pursue her acting career beyond the Jack O’Slasher film while making some great strides, even working with a big name in the film industry. I am speaking of my long time friend and Scream Queen Genoveva Rossi, I just finished interviewing her and here is what she had to say:

Nate:How long have you been acting?

Genoveva: “Since nursery school when I did my 1st play which I played a ladybug in.”

Nate:What are your favorite horrors movies?

Genoveva:”The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, The Pit and the Pendulum, Night of the Demons, Night of the Living Dead, and Black Sunday”

Nate:How did you get into acting?

Genoveva:”I had an interest in acting since childhood and had been acting in some school plays. In college I began acting in dramatic shorts. Shortly after college I had the opportunity to act in my first horror film and I jumped on it. I decided to focus on my acting and focused a lot of my attention on the horror genre. Now in the last for years I have been in over 55 horror films. Things have been very bloody and very busy!”

“Horror has always been my favorite genre as a fan so it was a natural genre to focus on as an actress. It is a really challenging and gives me the opportunity to embrace a lot of unique characters and act in some really intense scenes. It’s a real challenge both as an actress and an artist. Things happen in horror that just don’t happen in other genres. . .”

“Career-wise I feel like the horror genre has welcomed me with open arms. In a short period of time I have acted in a lot of spectacular horror films and I have gotten the opportunity to work with so many talented people in horror; both actors and directors. It is a real honor to be in so many films that are distributed worldwide. Also, it has been fantastic being a guest at horror conventions and seeing my work at film festivals. It has been a wild ride so far and I am thankful for everything.”

“I have acted in genres outside of horror including drama, and comedy, but horror is the genre that I have gotten the most attention for. I am considered a well-known “scream queen”, which means that I am recognized for my work in horror on an international level within the horror community. I do a lot of international interviews for podcasts, websites and magazines. Horror has a very loyal, international following.”

Nate:Name some projects you have been involved in?

Genoveva:”Apocalypse Kiss (with D. C. Douglas, Michael Berryman, and Tom Atkins) , A Dark Place Inside, I Spill Your Guts, Hunters (with Linnea Quigley), The Sadist (with Linnea Quigley), , Tapestry (with Stephen Baldwin, Tina Louise, and Burt Young)”

Nate:Who are your favorite people to work with?

Genoveva: “Hard to say, but it was really an honor to work with Michael Berryman, D.C. Douglas, Jason Vail, Linnea Quigley, Stephen Baldwin, Burt Young, and Tina Louise. They are all people I look up to as actors and artists. I am deeply grateful for the talented people I have worked with in the horror genre and beyond! I feel so blessed.”

Nate: Tell me about working with Steve Baldwin?

Genoveva:”He is a deeply spiritual person and a very bright, shining personality. He has a very warm, friendly nature and was an extremely talented actor!”

Nate:Is he your favorite Baldwin?

Genoveva: “I love all the Baldwins, but since I worked with Stephen he will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Nate:What are your upcoming projects?

Genoveva: “I am very excited to be working on James Balsamo’s vampiric horror/comedy Bite School. Adam Ahlbrandt’s disturbing films Hunters and The Sadist. I just worked on Liam Makrogiannis’s Night of the Magician. I just finished work on and attended the premiere of Not Another Bad Horror Flick.”

“At this point there are really three films I think I am the most known for. Please look for me in A Dark Place Inside (directed by Mike O’Mahony), Apocalypse Kiss (directed by Christian Jude Grillo), I Spill Your Guts (directed by James Balsamo).”

“I have a lot of projects in the works! Stay tuned! Stay connected with me for more info!!!”

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Every month I write a feature of Malevolent Magazine called A Day In The Life Of A Scream Queen, which follows my bloody adventures in the horror genre. Find it online to see info on Not Another Bad Horror Flick and my other bloody projects. Horror isn’t just a genre, it’s a lifestyle!

I hope you all had a great Halloween, an encase you were wondering, here is what I decided to dressed up as:

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