Most likely the MOST messed up band story you’ll ever hear

Hello everyone. I know it’s been nearly a month since my last entry. I have finally finished the Imbolg album. It is a great weight off my shoulders. Now I have plenty of work to do to promote the album and get the band back out performing shows. This has also meant that I am no longer working with the band Of beauty and Madness. As many of you know our lives have many turning points and things sometimes “run there course”. However, it always best to see this early on and try to settle matters civilly as I had attempted to. Unfortunately, we have no control over the actions of others and my former partner at Forever Autumn Records and band mate grew to resent me due to his lack of time and inability to accomplish the things we had set forth to do together. I found myself taking on more responsibilities than I had bargained for and my efforts were unappreciated by all who are in the band, simply because they have never been in a band where two members are seasoned and knowledgeable on the business side and had no understanding of the promotional and publicity efforts I had put forth even after numerous explanations. Even the video I put together for the Indie gogo campaign was under scrutiny because it was an idea they didn’t set forth first even though it promoted the band. It became a situation in which this band became jealous and skeptical of what I was trying to do instead of asking questions, even accusing me of being dishonest and a thief(would have been able to deal with people the music business for this long If I was?). One question that was asked that I am still dumbfounded by was : “what is the purpose of the label?”. I felt I was being dragged down and that my reputation was being compromised by their lack of dedication and professionalism. I wasn’t thrilled by one band members hate speech against Christianson her personal facebook page.We are all entitled to out opinions, but an unknown band should be trying to win people over, not upset potential fans by post negative articles about a religion the 1/4 of world’s population believes in. I had no problem doing more than my fair share of work, but many people don’t understand that this business is give and take. I found myself doing work, sacrificing time for people that do not understand all the work i’ve done or see that is necessary. And this was the result of me trying to sever ties with this band:

Thousands of dollars of my equipment discarded and left for anyone to take. Is this how people in the music business treat each other? NO, but this proved this person is about childish, petty antics and not about music. Was this in any way cool? No, but this is why a person like this shouldn’t be involved in music. This person even had the nerve to attempt to have charges pressed on after I called him when I saw this picture, anyone would have been upset am I right?

I was fortunate to learn early on as a teenager that the business side of music is just as important as the writing and performing aspects. True, I am not wealthy by any means or living in a multi million dollar mansion and those that only see music as either Rags or riches have no idea what the music industry is all about. For example, the band KISS was signing autographs on what was their 3rd of 4th National tour I believe and a young fan asked: “what is it like to be rich and famous?” one of the band member’s said: ” I can tell you what it is like to be famous, but I cant tell you what it is like to be rich”. I have stated before many get this Hollywood version of how success(in any field) works and they don’t realize that a 90 minute movie is created to entertain, not to educate. People see a guy pick up a guitar in the first 15 minutes and mid way through the movie he is on the cover of every music magazine in the country. Those who get inspired by this rush to a music store and buy a guitar only to realize its not going to magically attract fame,money and women to you in the blink of an eye. Those who do this for the right reasons continue to do so through thick and thin, work with others in a reciprocal manner and realize you learn as you go. And most importantly, treat those around them with the respect they are seeking from others. After years of being hired by notable artists to get them paying shows, this band actually refused to working alongside of me on well paying shows, and even yelled at me when I explained how a record label recoups money from an artist.

I know that this may have many of you questioning my credibility as they have, or this may seem like me just venting. But like I had told one of the members of this band(when they questioned my authorization to post about the band on my blog) This blog is meant to tell my experiences as a musician and to educate. If someone else can learn from this and have a smoother path then me after reading this, so be it. Some younger artists question why those who have achieved success don’t share their contacts or knowledge with others, THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHY. And this will not stop me from continuing to play music and help others, but I will be more selective about who I chose to help(since I received more gratitude from other bands that I barely did anything for).

Thank you all for reading both presently and in the past. I know it is best to cut my loses and learn from this, after all this does not define me, it is just one lesson in my quest for to be a life long musician. Many don’t have what it takes, many can’t handle the day in day out process of being an artist and that’s why I had to move on before it consumed me. I hope all of you learn from what happened to me and continue to support what I am doing. I figured this song was the most appropriate to post,listen to the lyrics and you will know why. Thank you all,Nate

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