Imbolg Releases Debut Single: “Duisigh(Awaken)

Imbolg, a New York City based band has just released their first single: “Duisigh(Awaken)” which will be included on their upcoming full length release through song title itself was chosen by founding member and singer/guitarist Nate Dal Cais having been influenced by his Irish heritage. Duisigh is a Gaelic which means awaken. The group has been performing throughout the Northeast over the past few years receiving notoriety for their dark sound and incantation rituals that are conducted before each of their performances. Having recently been featured in Goth music reviewer/Author Mick Mercer’s new book “Music to Die for” and making headway globally with the advent of social networking and music based webpages, the group is planning on performing in other regions of the U.S. this year. Their shows sometimes feature a promotion with the ghoulishly famous manufacturer of musical instruments cases;” Coffin Case” that the group has been doing at their shows since 2007. The Promotion includes the lovely Coffinettes making live appearances and giveaways for the crowds.

The single has already received airplay in the U.S. and parts of Europe, as well being played by Djs at various gothic dance parties. The single will soon be available on Itunes and other means of digital distribution in the coming weeks thanks to the many services provided by that help independent artists generate income for promoting their art. To sample and purchase “Duisigh(Awaken)” please visit: and be sure to look for Imbolg this year at venue near you.


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