10/16/09 Sponsored by Coffin Case: Dark Sky Productions Salem Spooktacular

On Friday October 16th Dark Sky Productions brings you spooky night in
America’s Witchcraft capitol at the Dodge Street Bar & grille in Salem.The
event featuring performances by the Boston areas best and dreariest bands,
as well as a special guest from New York City; Imbolg,Dreamchild,Hate the
Living & Daniel Ouellette. The Night will be sponsored by Coffin Case with
giveaways for the crowd including a prize drawing for Coffin Guitar hero
controller bags.As well as the lovely Coffinettes live and in person for
your viewing pleasure. The Dodge Street Bar & Grille is located 7 Dodge
street in Salem,MA. Admission is five Dollars for all patrons 21 and over
with ID. For information please call (978) 745-0139 or visit
http://www.myspace.com/Othniel77 or

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