Here Comes the Sun

Hello again, I would like to start by thanking everybody who reached out to me last week. Especially those who shared having similar experiences growing up. It makes a person realize that they shouldn’t feel ashamed over but they’ve been through since other people can relate to it. but here I go, stating the obvious again.

This past week I had much more time on my hands, and for the most part that was a good thing. I did find myself overthinking or going into a negative pattern with all the empty space around me. It is very symbolic of somebody’s passing. You go to a place or enter a room that the person that is no longer with us once occupied and there is this ominously empty feeling it goes along with what you see there. Especially if a person had died suddenly. I was really mindful of this after seeing the scene in “the Men with” Marlon Brando(his first starring role infact), which was set in a VA Hospital and one of the guys there went in for a routine procedure and was suddenly gone. maybe that’s the emotion the filmmakers were trying to evoke with that shot.

With all this time that I was granted this week there was only one very good day, weather wise. I did make the most of it, like the other days that I was home. But instead of staying in, reaching out to my relatives and writing some music I decided to go outside and do some “Busking” as the English would say. although I only went outside of my building, I’m sure that still counts. I just kept playing as people passed by and surprisingly, some people started leaving me tips. Unfortunately not enough for me to quit my day job lol, but it was still nice knowing that people enjoyed what I was doing.

I am looking forward to doing more busking again when the weather permits. All I can do now is just be grateful for that one warm day and look forward to more knowing that they will come. which is one of the reasons why I decided to title This “Here Comes the Sun”. After so many months of cold weather and all of the things that were going on in my life and in the world all of the things that are going on in my life and in the world recently. This is in the same spirit that I chose to name my band Imbolg, which is a holiday in the Pagan religion during the winter to rejoice and being alive and anticipating spring. It’s also symbolic of the fact that no matter how bad things can be in life, there is always hope that things will get better. These days it’s very hard to believe that oh, but it will happen. With everything that has gone on this year, I was hoping that everyone would realize now more than ever we should be United. But how can you Unite when your being told to stay inside, not interact with anyone and go along with it? I know that’s not the case everywhere, but just the other day I ran into a friend who told me all they were doing was staying inside. I simply hinted that that was not really necessary but to each their own. There is not one single person on this planet that isn’t affected by what is happening right now, but instead it seems like it’s dividing us. At this point I feel like a broken record saying that.

Most of you know that “Here Comes the Sun” is a song by The Beatles. Ironically enough, the song was not just about the feeling of happiness but it was also made possible because somebody taking a day off of work. when George Harrison of The Beatles wrote the song oh, he was visiting his friend and fellow Rock N’ Roll Legend Eric Clapton. George was supposed to be in business meetings that entire day oh, but he decided to play “hooky” if you will and enjoy himself. Another example that when inspiration strikes you need to seize the moment and just go for it. It’s quite obvious that everyone expecting him that day realize that considering that this song is one of their most popular of all time. It even became visual art for lots of merchandise including for a series of neckties that were produced for Beatles songs in the 90s. Fortunately they can still be found online, so I’m probably going to order one of these eventually.

Thank you once again for reading this. I’m very much looking forward to sharing with you that which I have worked on this week at some point. I’m very grateful for all of you and for this time that I have been granted, not just from this week but life as a whole. I hope all of you keep this in mind while we are being told to isolate from each other and stay inside. our lives have been put on hold for too long and we will never get that time back. So instead of living in fear, I hope everybody keep themselves properly informed, takes precautions and every opportunity to live life to its fullest. I wish the best of health and happiness for each and everyone of you. And feel free to share anything that you would like, it would really mean a lot to me. Thank you,

Nate, xoxo

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