• The Sorrows Women's T-Shirt - $12.99The Sorrows Women's T-Shirt - $12.99
    100% Cotton Available only in Black Read more »
  • The Sorrows Men's T-Shirt - $9.99The Sorrows Men's T-Shirt - $9.99
    100% Cotton Available only in Black Read more »
  • Imbolg the Sorrows - $19.99Imbolg the Sorrows  - $19.99
    Available on Vinyl LP and CD Both are shrink wrapped. CD also has spine label. Imbolg's second release expands upon their diverse style that ranges from traditional hard rock and metal in the vein of Black Sabbath, Danzig and Type O Negative while leaning towards the styles of Punk, Death… Read more »
  • Imbolg - Self Titled - $9.99Imbolg - Self Titled  - $9.99
    Imbolg's Self Titled debut album. Available on CD with shrink wrap and spine label. A new album for those intrigued by the macabre, Celtic stories & those who love to dance. With Goth/Synthpop dance songs & heavier pieces for fans of Sisters of Mercy,Black Sabbath,Type O Negative,69 Eyes,Paradise Lost,VNV Nation,the… Read more »
  • Of Beauty and Madness - Litany - $6.99Of Beauty and Madness - Litany - $6.99
    Album from the now inactive group, of beauty and madness. Available only on CD. No shrink wrap or spine label. of beauty and madness is melodic and entrancing...the music serves as the canvas for lyrical paint. They created music that is visual and will bring you to another plane. These… Read more »
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